Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well finally arrived home around 2:30PM on Thursday and have spent the last few days getting to know my bed, apartment, city etc.

Did 4 large loads of laundry and Friday and a little Xmas shopping as well.

Will need to work on putting over 1000 photos into a much smaller file and spend some time editing and joining the video files as well.

Weather today is clear and cool so I hope to make it out on the bike a little later - in checking the scales at my health club it looks like I only put on a couple of pounds and that might be from the train ride as there isn't much opportunity to move around on the train and the meals in the dining car are big.

Do hope to be back in time to catch the Grey Cup - with over 65,000 fans cheering on the hometown Montreal Als it should be noisy in the Big O today.

More later


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