Thursday, November 27, 2008

This really is a much to do about nothing day - can't decide what to do - more Xmas shopping, go for a bike ride, go for a drive in the country - with the cheaper gas prices I can afford - at least for the time being - to run the truck more.

I guess I could sit back and watch the three NFL games that are on TV and then tonight the Canucks are playing - perhaps drive up Seymour or Cypress and a walk in the snow.

One thing that I will have to do in the near future is rearrange the contents of my storage locker - our strata has been using some lockers in an adjoining building for free but that building has decided that it either wants our users out of there or to start paying for the ones that we are using - at a Special strata meeting last night the owners decided to go for option B which is to divide our full length lockers in half thereby giving each owner his or her own locker except some of us have two much junk and will need to either get rid of some of it or rent a second locker except that I have a large bookcase that will be too large under either scenario - so i just might bring it up to the apartment and replace it for a couple of my smaller ones.

Decisions - decisions - decisions



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