Friday, May 29, 2009

Biking from Deas Island to Westham Bridge May 28, 2009

Another nice day so another opportunity to get out on the bike and enjoy the scenery of the Lower Mainland - today I will drive south of Vancouver to Deas Island Regional Park and get the bike out and go for a ride - there are a number of ride options but one that has interested me for some time is to bike from Deas Park through to Ladner townsite - for years this meant fighting the traffic on River road but a new trail was built a few years ago that takes you under the highway and into the Captain Cove's marina - I was interested it just where the trail left the Park but first I rode through the Park and caught these scenes.

In the corner of the Park as you enter it from River Road you will see this sign - this is the start of the trail that will allow you to ride through to Ladner. It follows Deas Slough where people where out kayaking and caneoing before it heads under the highway to emerge to a good little flower show on the other side - you have two options once across - the left one will take you by a golf course and reconnect with River Road - the right turn will take you into Captains Cove Marina and then onto Ferry Rd before meeting River Road and the trip into Ladner.

As you approach Ladner you start seeing the fishing boats that make up so much of there harbour - I am always impressed by how scenic this harbour is.

From Ladne Village I followed River Rd west and south until I came to the Westham Island bridge which leads to Reiful Wildlife Refugee - but that is a trip for another day. There is a houseboat Village on both sides of the river - this bridge is the last one on the South Arm of the Fraser River before it drains into the Strait of Georgia and also one of the last swing bridges still in existence in this part of the world.

I continued along River Road for some distance before cutting through the rich farm lands and coming back into Ladner where I picked up the trail back to the Park and my truck.

I picked up a bit of the summer tan on my face and arms so I guess that means that summer is coming

I biked a total of 33KM today.



Catching up on recent events May 28, 2009

The new photo is from the west sidewalk of the Burrard Bridge looking towards the west end and the North Shore mountains.

There is a saying that us retired folks like to use - it seems that in retirement you are more busy than when you are working and never seems to have the time to do the things that you enjoy like updating this blog - well add in the fact that the weather has been very summer like and being a person who likes outdoor activities that will explain the recent lack of posts to this site.

I spent last weekend doing a number of city bike rides - out to our western beaches like Spanish Banks, a complete loop of the Stanley Park Seawall and a complete loop of the False Creek seawall - taking a fair number of photos.

I also attended a wind up volunteer party for those of us who helped our local candidate get elected - enjoyed meeting some of the people from the campaign and enjoying some free beer and snacks - we were disappointed in the lost of Wally in Delta South but happy to have a nice new member from this riding to go for any concerns etc. There is some speculation as to whether Mary will go into Cabinet or get a Minister of State posting but with 6 new female members elected and her having no elected experience the odds are a little against her. The Cabinet should be appointed in about 10 days.

I have also posted earlier about how I keep meeting people on the street that I knew from my working days and the past week has seen me bumping into a number of former members - in a couple of cases I was able to have some lengthy conversations and got caught up in there happenings in the world.