Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final Olympic thought and photo April 18, 2010

Well it has been almost a month since the end of the Paralympic Games and I have been trying to decide just how to wrap up this wonderful experience here on this blog - there are so many memories, images etc that I could probably go on for days trying to recap the feelings that I felt but rather than do that I have posted the signed certificate from all the members of the Slovakian delegation - these posters were given to all teams to sign and give to their assistants - mine now hangs proudly on a wall next to my retirement one.

I did also received a swatch, a bottle of white wine and a $25.00 gift card from VANOC for finishing my assignment - which I put to good use at Zellers getting a much needed new pair of sandals.

All of the us assistants with this delegation were also given a signed special edition book outlining the history of the Slovaks at the Olympic and Paralympic Games - and a gift bag with special pins and pens + a good looking Slovak ball cap.

The Games are over but the memories will remain for a lifetime - am seriously looking at applying for a volunteer role in a similar position with the London 2012 Games as I was looking at a trip to Europe to celebrate my 65th that year.

But that is another story that is yet to be put into action - only an idea at the moment and with me not flying a bit more of a challenge since I need to ensure that I can get a trans-Atlantic cruise both ways.

With Glowing and a sadden Heart I say goodbye to Vancouver 2010 - we assistants are having a small wind up party next week at the VANOC headquarters and there is a Facebook page for us to use to keep in touch.