Monday, November 1, 2010

Aruba November 1, 2010

Walked around the town and then took the bus to Palm Beach where I sunned for an hour or so - am now in town - getting ready to reboard the ship in a few minutes and then I have two sea days before we reach Rotaon on Thursday.

All is well - feeling good and relaxed.



Sunday, October 31, 2010

Curacao Oct 31, 2010

Arrived here this morning after a full day at sea - am posting this update from an internet cafe in town so once again no pictures at this time - As I have been here twice before i am just taking my time walking around the town - the only change from my previous visits is where we docked - we docked at the pier in town which meant that the plontoon bridge had to opened for us - previously I docked at the mega pier a short distance away - it is warm and muggy and there was overnight rain - Hurricane Tomas is still out in the Caribbean but no one is sure exactly where it is headed next but it could provide an interesting journey and some rough seas as we start to head north towards New Orleans - to get to New Orleans the usual route is the channel between Haiti and Cuba which is where they think the storm is headed.

In less than a week the cruise will be over and I will be leaving New Orleans for the train ride home - my next major cruise might be another Panama Canal cruise as I see an interesting itinerary on a couple of NCL ships and both leave from Vancouver next September so it would only be a one way train ride home from the east coast.

Almost out of internet time - couldn't get the free wi-fi to work in town but the crew was also having trouble as well.