Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update and potpourri March 29, 2011

While I was out for a bike ride over the weekend along the Boundary Bay Dyke I came across a number of bald eagles that were starting to nest - this one decided he didn`t like his perch on a power line and decided to head for a more friendly tree top - I had the telephoto lens on at the time so was able to capture him in full flight.

Well it doesn`t look like I will end up working on the census - the time for supervisor`s assignments to be filled is passed and I likely will pass on being an enumerator - part of the reason for applying was financial but I got some good news when I did my income tax - instead of having to pay I got a good return - second reason - now that a federal election has been called I will be able to get work with Elections Canada as a deputy returning officer - have done this before and put in an on-line application some time ago - their local office is in the same place as last time - a block from my condo - will head over there tomorrow to see what`s up and if they need any office help.

I have started the training rides with the Vancouver Marathon Bike Escort team - there are about 20 of us returning from previous years - this is my 5th year of doing this event. So far the weather has cooperated but that could change tonight as there is rain in the forecast.

I continue to plan for the Panama Canal cruise in the fall - have the hotel booked and paid for  in Tampa - decided to skip staying a couple of days in Orlando - too much lugging of luggage and after three weeks on a ship will want to get home. Have my Amtrak trip booked and paid for - if on time will have a full day in Washington DC so will take a tour of the area.

Next weekend I head over to Yellowpoint Lodge for my annual visit - depending on whether I have some work on the election - I may head over a spend a night in Victoria before hand and then do the Sunshine Coast Loop on the way back with an overnight in Powell River.

I am now on Twitter - it`s @yvrcruiser