Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Doing the Balcony dance

I usually keep a pretty good eye on price changes after final payment in the hope that I might get either an on board credit or a room update.

It is no different with the LA repo cruise - I started noticing some price softening about 2 weeks ago and was planning on mentioning it to my TA when I saw her at a friend's birthday party but when that was canceled at the last minute because of a health issue I forgot to check until this weekend when I noticed that some of my fellow cruisers were posting on Cruise Critic that they had gotten some upgrades.

Onto the Internet and sure enough there had been a major price reduction on just about all categories and with a little investigative diligence I noticed that a balcony was now cheaper than what I paid for an inside and that the single supplement had been reduced to 50% - but there is no guarantee that the cruise line will do anything. So I emailed the info to my TA over the weekend and phoned her first thing Monday morning - she would see what see could do.

Within two hours I had my answer - an upgrade to a balcony and not just any balcony but one of the better located ones on Deck 10 - I was in a very good frame of mind. Even with the upgrade NCL is still about $100.00 to the good from me but I am not complaining.

I have also noticed that there is a $15.00 on board credit in my account - that will just about cover the cost of bottle of vodka.

Only nine days til sail away.