Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today since the overnight snow didn't materialize and the sun was shining I decided to get out and get some fresh air so I headed over to the North Shore to explore some of the Trans-Canada trail that I haven't hiked before. I started at the Cypress Trails playground in Cypress Falls development off of Woodgreen Rd in West Vancouver.

While not a big mountain bike area some one that built this ramp in one of the few flat areas on the trail.

There is a maze of old roads and trails in the area which is also the access to the domestic water supply for West Vancouver - my intent today was to try and see what the trail was like heading west towards Horseshoe Bay - it is the only part of the Trans Canada trail on the North Shore that I haven't either hiked or biked in the last few years.

There are number of signposts directing you to the correct way through the watershed area.
With the construction of the new inland Sea to Sky by-pass the trails end at Horseshoe Bay will be altered.
No bikes in this area and this type of signage is standard on the North Shore for the TCT trail.

The view coming down the trail looking over towards the harbour was much better than the one going up. Some other hikers had passed me and were returning to their cars which were parked over on the Cypress Bowl Rd which is a lower access way to Cypress Falls Park

It had started to cloud over so the view isn't that great but I included it here anyway.

After returning back from my TCTrail rekkie I detoured a short 5 minutes to Cypress Falls which had a pretty good flow today.

I like this bridge over a small creek the start of the trail at Cypress Trails.

Well I think you should know by now who this guy is!.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Here's a link to my You Tube videos on the Northern Expedition

A sure sign of spring in Vancouver - even though it was a sunny and cold day I got on the bike to head for Prospect Point to await the arrival of the newest BC ferry - the MV Northern Expedition which was built in Germany and then sailed through the Panama Canal and up the coast - it was paying a courtesy visit to Vancouver - sailed under the Lions Gate then into Canada Place where it picked up a pilot before turning around a heading for Nanaimo where it will spend the next couple of months on sea trials and staff training before heading north and into service on the Port Hardy - Prince Rupert run.

Here's a longer view taken with my video camera as she approaches the Lion's Gate bridge - due to construction the viewpoint at Prospect Point is closed to visitors but one of the construction crew allowed about 6 of us down to stairs to the viewpoint.

She slowed to a crawl to let the much large Hyundi ship to clear the bridge - then it was full speed ahead into the harbour.

She is right below us at Prospect Point - she looks comfortable in the water and you couldn't have asked for a better day to watch her sail into the friendly waters of English Bay and the inner Vancouver Harbour.

Preparing to sail under the Bridge - after she has sailed under the bridge I get on my bike and take the Avison trail down to the Seawall where others have also set up shop to record the visit.
The others guys at Prospect Point are part of a group that I think call themselves the Royal Ship Society or something like that - they spend quite a bit of time watching the various ships coming into and leaving the port - they had their scanners so we knew where the ship was etc.

She has now turned around and is heading back towards the bridge and then onto Nanaimo.

The MV Northern Expedition heading west under the Lions Gate bridge - by now I am cold and hungry so it was time to get on the bike and ride along the Seawall for a bite to eat and then home to warm up.

This last image is from my video camera and shows the ship near Canada Place - she picked up the pilot here and then did a long loop past Ballantyne Pier and then over towards Lonsdale Quay where she probably wonder why there were some ships in the same color that were sitting at berth.

I had hoped to upload some video of the ship but it seems to be taking forever to load so I will try again later or else put them on my You Tube account.



Monday, March 2, 2009

Start of the trail to Crystal Falls is at the top of Shaughnessy Street in Coquitlam - you follow the Coquitlam River trail for about 40 minutes until you come to the Falls - in dry weather and lower water levels you can cross the unbridged creek and continue to either the watershed fence another mile or so or take a right turn and climb up to the trails on Burke Mt. This is a popular mountain biking area - I have biked into the Falls on a couple of occasions but this is the first time that I walked in to the Falls.

The trail is next to the river at the start - it has one minor climb - otherwise it is flat - it also passes an old homestead which is all but gone save for an old car wreck.

In the summer time or when the River flow is tame and water levels low you can cross the River and come out at Coquitlam River Park or vica versa - haven't attempted that yet but have seen people do it.
I know it is scary but that is me at the Falls - the Creek flows down off Burke Ridge which you can access from further along the River trail

My second stop of the day was at Grant Narrows Regional Park at Pitt Lake - more of a look see than anything special in the way of walking or hiking or biking - the wind was picking up in advance of today's weather which make it somewhat unpleasant to be out in the open.

Well that's me again - this time looking west towards Burke Ridge and Pitt Lake.

Well another weekend has come and gone and the Canucks continue to win and the days are getting longer - in fact doesn't Daytime Savings start next weekend.

Yesterday with no rain and warmer temps I went for a drive out the Tri- Cities - Pitt Meadows area.

The Photo essay above is of my two stops yesterday.

We had a heavy rain and wind storm overnight which is just now starting to abate - it has screwed up some of the ferry sailings - actually the sun is coming out as I type this post.

Back in the dentist chair tomorrow for three more small fillings - that will be it for dental work for the next while.

Noticed that my cheque for my Skyline Hikers trip has been cashed so I quess that means that I will be going once again to Camp #4 -there are lots of regulars on this camp so it should be a fun week.

Our work party for FOYPS ended up being a great success - three last minute additions brought the number up close to the maximum of 14. Awaiting there report of what projects that they worked on.

Until next time