Monday, June 1, 2009

May 2009 - the month in review and June 2009 preview

I finished off a very busy month of May by talking a short walk with my camera in my pocket under sunny and warm conditions and just took my time and headed for English Bay where I sunned myself for an hour or so and just breathed in the nice sea breeze air.
Both the bike path and Seawall were very busy with people out enjoying the great late spring or early summer weather.

Here in review are some of the highlights of the month of May 2009.

1. Bike escort - Vancouver Marathon
2. Bike volunteer - Pacific Spirit run
3. Scrutineer and election official for BC General Election
4. Enjoying the fresh air with lots of bike rides and walks - over 300km on the bike and over 100 km of walking.
5. Bike escort volunteer wind up BBQ

Upcoming for the month of June

1. Vancouver Island trip and FOYP Director's meeting
2. Kelowna party weekend
3. Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat volunteer and windup party.
4. Volunteer for the Scotia half - marathon - a new event for me.
5. YMCA Heritage Club annual luncheon - one of the few times now that I need to get dressed up.



Bile escort wind up BBQ May 30, 2009

The wind up BBQ for the Bike escort team was once again held at Gord and Linda's place in South Burnaby and about a dozen of us made the trek out to there place - some of us including me biked out - it was a 19KM ride uphill most of the way to the Metrotown area from downtown and then a short downhill spin to the party.

Along the way I stopped at Windsor Castle to catch my breathe. This is actually a small rest spot at the junction of the Windsor and Midtown/Ridgeway bike routes - the rock formation looks like the top of a castle hence the name Windsor Castle - I was able to bike almost the entire route along dedicated bike corridors and it took me just over 100 minutes to do the trip.

This is our cooking vessel for the day.

Promoting the liquid amber product that we are drinking.

Sophie and Gregg cook while Gord - our co-host looks on.

Peter, Quinton, John and Ray relax in the sun enjoying their beer and supper.

We were to bring either salads or desserts - here are some of the latter.

His lord worship the knight of all good things biking and general LBS guru Brian giving his final speech for this year as he thanks us once again for commitment and welcomes us to join him again next year.
About 8PM and a couple of beers later I get back on the bike and start the mostly downhill ride back home taking the BC Parkway and Central Valley Greenway route.

It was a 35KM out and back ride and an enjoyable evening with some great people.