Friday, June 13, 2014

Volunteerism galore June 13, 2014

Well the time of the year is rapidily approaching when I start to fulfill many of my volunteer commitments - over the next six weeks they will be numerous and there are some new ones this year.

In addition I have enrolled in the City of Vancouver N.E.A.T. program with stands for Neighbourhood Emergency Action Team - to help authorities if there were ever a major diaster - ie earthquake , in the neighbourhood. It is an intense 4 nights and one full day of training.

Volunteer assignments  over the next few weeks are - training for the Special Olympics - Dragon Boat Racing, Underwear affair - Canada Day at Canada Place and the parade , Special Olympics, Kneeknacker race, Subaru Western Triathlon, Fireworks supervision, Pride Parade.

In addition I will also be working some of the BC Lions games again this year.

And as I was typing this I just found out my niece is engaged to a great guy - Thankfully the wedding won't be until sometime next year.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

The little bike spill Sunday June 1, 2014

After getting settled into the camping spot I decided to get on the bike and take a leisurely bike ride around the trails in the Village area - everything was going fine until while riding on the hard packed gravel Lost Lake trail I ended up off the bike - while riding all the trail which had lots of folks walking and riding I missed a small boulder in the middle of the trail and hit it head on and went for a tumble - people came to my aid - after a moment on the ground I got up - my hands took the brunt of the impact and I tried to break the fall - not the first time that my hands have being used for such a purpose - because it was just a leisure ride I didn't have gloves on but whether they would have helped much is debatable - not being seriously injured and the bike apparently not damaged I rode very slowly back to the resort.

However I wasn't feeling all that great so I decided to pay a visit to the Whistler Medical Center which is an urgent care facility - that means the worse the injury the faster the treatment - there were a couple of hard core mountain bike types who despite wearing the proper protective gear still managed to hurt themselves coming down the Whistler Mountain bike course.

My wait was about an hour - saw the doctor who washed the wounds , checked my blood pressure - it was 99/63 - which is pretty good - remember I have been exercising and it was also quite warm - then applied some oinment and a large bandaids and I was on my way to the Old Spaghetti Factory for supper.

The rest of the camp trip went off without any further incidents.

First selfie - tent is set up and the second one - me by the campfire the last night.

Whistler wildlife sightings Part Two Monday June 2, 2014

On Monday I decided to drive up to Birkenhead Lake - haven't been into that area for a good number of years so since I wouldn't be on the bike today - the hands need a rest - after taking in the scenery - on the return trip down the gravel Birkenhead Park road I had this in front of me - fortunately I saw them in plenty of time and was able to stop the car without scaring them off.

They waited for one late comer and then moved off the road and into the bushes and I was able to proceed down the road.

Whistler wildlife sightings Part 1 Sunday June 1, 2014

I spent a couple of days last week up at Whistler camping at the Riverside Resort in the town.

While out driving up to the Whistler Olympic Park I came across not one but two bears roadside feeding on the lush grasses.

The first two photos are from the drive up to the WOP. The second two are from the drive back down the road.


After picking myself up off the ground from a minor bike mishap I was returning to the Lost Lake trail head and an opportunity to wash and clean my hands which took the brunt of my little bike mishap I was wondering what the excitement was all about when I saw this. He was munching on the grasses less than ten feet from all the people in the area. The fence is not totally enclosed - it is there more as a control measure in the ski season as trails converge here.

The operator of the shop there had to keep reminding people not to get any closer - they want the bears to co-exist and not become to friendly with us humans.

PART TWO - more wildlife sightings of a different type.

Planning for the Bermuda cruise in November 2014


I will be visiting Bermuda for the first time this fall.

It will be part of an extended 2 part cruise that I will be taking on the Norwegian Dawn from Boston to Bermuda and then from Boston to New Orleans.

This cruise gives me about 2.5 days in Bermuda.

We will dock at the Royal Naval Dockyard on Sunday November 2, 2014 and will lift anchor on Tuesday November 4, 2014 at 5:30 PM

As we arrive on a Sunday many shops will be closed but those in the Dockyard area will most likely be opened as they cater mostly to the cruise ships.

The two major cities are Hamilton, the Capital and St George – the former colonial capital.

They are no private car rentals allowed on the Island.

Scooters are a popular mode of transportation but unless you are familiar with driving on the other side of the road they are not recommended for tourists.

The Island is served by a good bus and ferry system.

Because we are arriving in November the seasonal ferry from Dockyard to St George won't be running so it will be necessary to either do a tour or take a bus/ferry combo.

The ferry from Dockyard to Hamilton is a year round service – you can buy an all inclusive two, three, five day pass right in the Dockyard compound.

In doing my research I have identified a number of attractions etc that I will like to visit.

It is generally considering the time and distance involved recommended that your full day in port – in my case Monday – be the day that you go to St George.

In looking at the ships tour they for the most part appear to be able to be done by ones self with a little planning.

Here are some possible suggestions for each day.

Sunday Nov 2, 2014 Bermuda arrival 11 AM.

  • possible 4 hour taxi tour – ship excursion to get a lay of the land – ends in Hamilton – will need to either bus or ferry back – with no time constraints this is a good option.
  • Ideally I would have preferred a tour of the Island but the ship is offering that on Monday. May see if I can find a private one.
  • Another things I want to do is bike some or all of the Bermuda railway trail.
  • Possible evening sunset cruise
  • Walkabout of the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Monday Nov 3, 2014 All day in port.

  • This is the day that I will do St. George's – you are looking at over an hour of travel each way but there is lots of see including Tobacco Bay which is a short .6km from the town and seems to be on every bodies to do list.
  • St Peter's Church is a must see.
  • The other attraction in the area are the Crystal Caves complex – there are two caves area close to each other and a combined ticket for savings.

Tuesday Nov 4, 2014 – departure time 5:30 PM – all board should be 5 PM.

The Capital city of Hamilton is my main focus for today.

There is a walking tour of the town.

I will take the ferry one way and explore the town – and perhaps the bus back so I can stop at Horseshoe Beach and see why it is on a to do list.

This could also be a day to do some biking as the trail is right there.

One other attraction to take in is the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

I have identified a number of web sites that are providing useful info in the planning stages.

This is only a preliminary list prepared in June 2014 – it will be updated