Sunday, June 8, 2014

The little bike spill Sunday June 1, 2014

After getting settled into the camping spot I decided to get on the bike and take a leisurely bike ride around the trails in the Village area - everything was going fine until while riding on the hard packed gravel Lost Lake trail I ended up off the bike - while riding all the trail which had lots of folks walking and riding I missed a small boulder in the middle of the trail and hit it head on and went for a tumble - people came to my aid - after a moment on the ground I got up - my hands took the brunt of the impact and I tried to break the fall - not the first time that my hands have being used for such a purpose - because it was just a leisure ride I didn't have gloves on but whether they would have helped much is debatable - not being seriously injured and the bike apparently not damaged I rode very slowly back to the resort.

However I wasn't feeling all that great so I decided to pay a visit to the Whistler Medical Center which is an urgent care facility - that means the worse the injury the faster the treatment - there were a couple of hard core mountain bike types who despite wearing the proper protective gear still managed to hurt themselves coming down the Whistler Mountain bike course.

My wait was about an hour - saw the doctor who washed the wounds , checked my blood pressure - it was 99/63 - which is pretty good - remember I have been exercising and it was also quite warm - then applied some oinment and a large bandaids and I was on my way to the Old Spaghetti Factory for supper.

The rest of the camp trip went off without any further incidents.

First selfie - tent is set up and the second one - me by the campfire the last night.

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