Friday, June 13, 2014

Volunteerism galore June 13, 2014

Well the time of the year is rapidily approaching when I start to fulfill many of my volunteer commitments - over the next six weeks they will be numerous and there are some new ones this year.

In addition I have enrolled in the City of Vancouver N.E.A.T. program with stands for Neighbourhood Emergency Action Team - to help authorities if there were ever a major diaster - ie earthquake , in the neighbourhood. It is an intense 4 nights and one full day of training.

Volunteer assignments  over the next few weeks are - training for the Special Olympics - Dragon Boat Racing, Underwear affair - Canada Day at Canada Place and the parade , Special Olympics, Kneeknacker race, Subaru Western Triathlon, Fireworks supervision, Pride Parade.

In addition I will also be working some of the BC Lions games again this year.

And as I was typing this I just found out my niece is engaged to a great guy - Thankfully the wedding won't be until sometime next year.


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