Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Foliage New England tour Oct 22, 2010

Today had me once again back on a Gray Line tour bus - this time heading north of Boston and into southern New Hampshire - after being shuttle from my hotel to the load point at the Transportation center - for a fall foliage tour. Once again we had a native Bostonian for a driver and at times he was more funny than some on the Comedy Network - the bus was near full as this trip will only be offered until this weekend.

We followed mostly rural roads out of Boston until our first stop at Waldo Pond - named after Ralph Waldo Emerson who grew up in the area - then it was pass a field of different looking cows - the driver described them as OREO Cows - they do look much like the cookie of the same name. Then it was time for a restroom, coffee or ice cream break before heading into Willard Brook State Forest at Ashby Ma which has a small covered bridge and nice stream flowing through it.

Then we headed for an old church and cemetery with lots of fall colors before passing into New Hampshire - my first time in that state - - then it was a lunch stop in Rindge NH - it was a pre-ordered meal and not included in the ticket price - I choose a chicken breast done in a brandy sauce - it was the most popular item chosen - perhaps having some brandy in it had something to do with it - I shared a table with a couple from Cairns, Australia who I found out are on the same cruise as I.

After lunch we made a couple more stops at some scenic lakes - chance to stretch our legs - the weather which started sunny, windy and cool was ever changing including a few snow flakes - yes snow flakes - near where this lake was located - the driver explained that we are in the snow belt north of Boston. Our next to final stop was a shopping mall with a restroom break - also a nice stream and colorful foliage along its banks . Then a stop at a working farm for a chance to look over a pumpkin patch and corn maze and some farm animals.

Then it was back to Boston - the traffic and the layout of the roads in the City means lots of extra time to get everyone back to there originating hotel - in my case almost 7PM - not the driver's fault just the way traffic is in Boston.

Tomorrow a bit of repacking - I picked up a 12 pack of pop - need to put that in one of my bags - if all goes as planned I will share a cab ride with a couple from Idaho who are staying at this hotel and who I have been talking too on line.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boston arrival and Cape Cod Oct 20 - 21, 2010

Added a number of photos from yesterday's trip to the Cape. Enjoy

Well I have arrived in Boston in preparation for my cruise on Saturday - the train ride here was uneventful - spent today touring Cape Cod - tomorrow a trip up New Hampshire for some fall colors.


That's me in front of the reflecting pool and the Christian Science First church in Boston - it was built after St Peter's in Rome.

The sign says it all!

The memorial - it is located not far from the Kennedy compound at Hyannisport on the shores of Lewis Bay - we weren't able to see the compound because of choppy seas.

Real New England clam chowder.

My fish and chip lunch at the Lobster Boat restaurant in Yarmouth, Ma.

Our next stop was the town of Sandwich - named after the Earl of Sandwich - it is also the oldest incorporated town in Mass. dating back to 1638 - seems that the Puritans didn't register Plymouth even though it was established in 1620.

Halloween is coming and there was a display on the lawn of the town Library - here is one of the displays.

Sandwich was famous for it's early glass making industry and this is from a display at the Sandwich Glass Museum.

Since we couldn't do a sea cruise the driver took us to Plymouth where we had an hour to see lots of history including this exact replica of the Mayflower - imagine a ship that size with 102 passengers + crew + animals.

Finally it me again in front of the Monument to our Forefathers - if it looks familiar it should be - this was actually built first and the French designers of the Statute of Liberty actually visited the site to copy its design.

It was a great day and now it is off from a fall foliage tour up into New Hampshire.