Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Take me out to the ball game or Dennis' return to the Nat - Monday June 22, 2009

One of the perks for working the Dragon Boat races was a free ticket to see our Rookie A league baseball team the Vancouver Canadians play at Nat Bailey Stadium.

I haven't been to a game at the Nat since Triple AAA ball left a few years ago. A couple of years ago the team was purchased by a couple of successful local businessmen and they also got a long term operating contract for the stadium which is owned by the Parks Board - they have lovingly restore and refurbished the grand old gal. Don't know if you can see the A&W mug out in the outfield in any of the images but that is the business that one of the owners heads here in Vancouver.

It is only the third game of the season and many of the players for both teams were right out of high school or college - it is a development league so you don't expect anything to great to happen.

The Canadians were playing the Everett Aqua Socks who are affiliated with the Seattle Mariners - the game was won by Vancouver 7 -1

As I had rode my bike up I left after the seventh inning stretch as I wanted to get home before it got too dark.

I enjoyed the game.


Today I took a little drive out Langley way and took in a free crossing of the new Golden Ears Bridge - it sure is a nice connection across the Fraser - while I will miss the Albion ferry I won't miss the 45 - 60 minute wait to cross.


Things are starting to come along for the Alaska Cruise - final payment has been made - edocs from NCL printed off - round trip bus fare to Seattle purchased - just looking at some excursions now - my friend Marla is working on the Meet and Greet with the Cruise coordinator.

There are somewhere around 45 people on-line who are taking the same cruise - the trick is to get them all to attend the event - usually we get about a 50% turn out.

That's all for now



Monday, June 22, 2009

Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival Part 2 Sunday June 21, 2009

My final shift working on the festival for this year started the same as the others - a short 3 KM bike ride from my condo to the docks and similar weather - overcast and chance of some light rain.

Some of the same volunteers are here and some new ones - once again our dock control person Jennifer gives us our dock assignments and safety reminders. Once again I am with Gerard.

Here a couple of the teams have boarded and are starting to paddle up to the start point - Boat #5 I helped to load.

There are two types of boats used in the competition - the one above is called a BUK and has a yellow dragon head to help indentify it - these dragon head and tails on the other end are only used in competition and not everyday races or training sessions.

This is a Gemini and has a black Dragon head.

One of the true stories of these races is that they are open to people of all abilities - there was a team of vision impaired, organ transplants, breast cancer survivors, mentally challenged and the team seen in the above image - a team of MS sufferers - they are loaded at a separate dock and then slowly paddle out to the start line - there object is not to win the heat but to prove that despite your challenges goals can be meet or exceeded if you try hard.

After I finished my shift I walked with bike through site and then home - rested up for a while and then headed to a friends' place for a Father's Day BBQ which was really a birthday party for there seventeen year old daughter and here frineds.

Tonight - weather permitting I will be taking in the Vancouver Canadians baseball game - first time watching the team since it became a rookie league team - tickets were given to Dragon Boat volunteers who wanted them.

Final dragon Boat event will be our windup party next Friday night at the Dragon Zone area at Creekside Park.