Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canucks pre season game against St Jose Sharks Sept 23, 2009

Last night I had a chance to take in the Canucks pre-season game against the St Jose Sharks - my seat was seven rows up behind the Canucks net - only had my Blackberry with me so the images aren't all the great.

Giant scoreboard

The game went to a shootout - here I believe San Jose scored on Luongo. It was the only one that he allowed in the shootout.

This was a save and the Canucks prevailed by scoring on the next attempt at the other end of the rink.

Customary scene of players spilling onto to ice to congratulate the goalie for stopping the pucks in the shootout.

While they named Luongo as the first star I thought the best player on the ice was #21 Mason Raymond who appears to rounding himself into a good second to third line player. He's a little small but has quick speed and doesn't seem to be bothered that much by the heavy hitting that goes with the game.

Thought our prize Junior Cory Hogdson looks tentative and afraid to mix it up and he started with a couple of good line mates.

More later



Sunday, September 20, 2009


Feeling a bit more chipper I headed over to the North Shore to do a little short hike or walk - one of my favorites is a section of the Baden - Powell trail from Indian River Rd down towards its eastern terminus at Deep Cove. It is only about a km to a great viewpoint of Indian arm and across to Belcarra and south to Burnaby.

I started from the trail head where the BP trail crossed Indian River Rd in North Vancouver.

The trail has been updated over the years and some of the steeper sections have been replaced with proper stairs.

Your first views come from a hydro transmission platform and from there it is a two minute walk down to the lookout - here you are looking across towards Belcarra.

The viewpoint was busy - lots of folks had hiked up some 2 km from Deep Cove to get these views - here you are looking down on Deep Cove.

Just some of the people who were at the lookout today - many times when I visit this spot I have it to myself but not today.


As for the cruise photos - I am looking at a different blog for them - they get lost on here and I am also using up quite a bit of my allotted space.

Found one blog but they don't seem to have a photo re-sizing feature - most of my images are 10 MP so they display large but I have another blog that I am going to check and might just end up using it or I can also get another here if I use a different e-mail address. Stay tuned.



Porteau Cove Park explored Sept 19, 2009

I still intend to do blog entries on the Alaskan cruise but there is so much photo and video to edit it is going to take time - I also have been battling a viral infection which has fatigued me so I haven't felt like putting a lot of effort into this blog but I did go for a short drive yesterday up the Sea to Sky highway to Squamish and stopped at Porteau Cove Marine Park on the way back.

There is a short little hike to a viewpoint providing great views up and down Howe Sound - the weather or rather the clouds provided some good contrast between the water, mountains and sky.

That's me hogging the spotlight as usual - at the beach near the parking area - it was only a short walk to the trail leading to the viewpoint.

Interesting set of contrasts between the water colors etc.

View looking across to Gambier or is that Anvil Island.

Image below is one of two short sets of steps to get to the viewpoint - to reach the viewpoint just walk all the way through the walk in campsite and you will see the gravel path leading to it.

Of course it always helps to have a signpost as to where we are so here it is.