Sunday, September 20, 2009

Porteau Cove Park explored Sept 19, 2009

I still intend to do blog entries on the Alaskan cruise but there is so much photo and video to edit it is going to take time - I also have been battling a viral infection which has fatigued me so I haven't felt like putting a lot of effort into this blog but I did go for a short drive yesterday up the Sea to Sky highway to Squamish and stopped at Porteau Cove Marine Park on the way back.

There is a short little hike to a viewpoint providing great views up and down Howe Sound - the weather or rather the clouds provided some good contrast between the water, mountains and sky.

That's me hogging the spotlight as usual - at the beach near the parking area - it was only a short walk to the trail leading to the viewpoint.

Interesting set of contrasts between the water colors etc.

View looking across to Gambier or is that Anvil Island.

Image below is one of two short sets of steps to get to the viewpoint - to reach the viewpoint just walk all the way through the walk in campsite and you will see the gravel path leading to it.

Of course it always helps to have a signpost as to where we are so here it is.



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