Friday, December 31, 2010

This is Mt Garibaldi as seen from the viewpoint on the Sea to Sky Highway just before the Town of Squamish.





Friday, November 12, 2010

Home at last Nov 11, 2010

Crossed the border into Canada around 1PM Thursday afternoon and 40 minutes later was waiting for my ride to lunch and home.

It was a long trip - 26 days including getting to and from Boston and New Orleans by train.

It is getting late am I am tired so I will keep this post short but with plenty of rain in the forecast the next few days I should be able to finish off the daily posts.



Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cozumel November 5, 2010


While most people refer to our last port of call as just COZUMEL - that is actually the name of the island that sits off the coast of Mexico across from Playa de Carma - where the cruise ships anchor is actually the town of San Miguel - this is my fourth or fifth visit so I planned nothing in the line of excursions.

The weather looked dreadful as we docked and the seas where rough but the wind was doing us a favor - it was clearing the skies.

I had hoped to hop the ferry for the forty-five minute ride over to Playa but the return times meant I either got off the ferry - walked around for an hour and took the early one back or waited until 3PM and run the risk of missing the all aboard at 4:30 PM

I aborted any attempt to get to Playa this trip and instead just walked through the town - it was quiet when I first set foot in town but with the other four cruise ships passengers slowly coming in the center of town it wasn’t long before it was very busy - I found an internet café - off the beaten path - the others I found were all busy - where it was just $1.00 for an hour - the service was somewhat slow but I got all the surfing I needed to do done.

Then it was time for a bite to eat and a little shopping which consisted of a bottle of Tequila for Jim at half the price of the duty free on the ship - $10.00 - some shot glasses to enjoy the Tequila in - three beer for $3.00 which I drank while walking around the downtown core - it is legal or at least tolerated to drink in public in Cozumel - three large diet Pepsi for ship board use. The Senor McFrogs and Carlos and Charlie’s club were right by the ship and were certainly living up to their reputation as a noisy but fun place to spend part of the day.

After finishing the beer it was just about time to head back to the ship but my beer drinking was hardly finished for the day as I had another Latitudes Party to attend - this one for those with more than a few cruises under our belts and the beer or drink of choice was free and they were bringing as many as you wanted - two big sleeves for me.

It was then off to dinner in the buffet - passed on the show as I was tired.

Tomorrow is our last full day at sea and I will have some closing thoughts to pass along when I do the journal entries for the day.!

Roatan Nov 4, 2010

Arrival in Roatan as seen from Deck 7 on the Norwegian Spirit.


After two full days of sea travel I have arrived in the Port of Roatan located in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras.

As mentioned by the Captain during yesterday’s update - it is raining as we tied up in the port.

As this is my first visit to this port I am taking a Best of Roatan Island tour - about 3.5 hours.

I did bring an umbrella and rain jacket - just trying to decide whether to wear long pants or not - it was fairly cool by local standards as we sailed into port.

We have arrived about thirty minutes early and I have about an hour before my tour leaves.

Our first scheduled stop was for a short boat ride through a mangrove garden and pass some old wrecks.

As we arrived there a thunder storm hit and no one wanted to set out in the boat so we continued on our way to out first stop - a scenic overlook where we can see the barrier reef.

From there it was on to our next stop - an authentic native village of the Garifuna people who migrated to this area a couple of hundred of years ago - they put on a show for us - the village produces local products which they sell to the tourists who stop on the sightseeing tours.

Our last scheduled stop was another part of the Garifuna people’s display

This was our turn around point - then it was back to the resort for the boat ride since the weather had improved

After this it was back to the ship - I spent a little time walking through the village and through the Port facilities. Tomorrow our last port of call - Cozumel

Aruba and Curacao

This was one of the sights that greeted me after I got off the bus at De Palm Beach by the Radisson Hotel along Hotel row in Aruba.


I am grouping these two ports together as I have already posted some of my activities to the blog from on shore internet stations.

Spend about an hour walking the beach sans shirt and I have the red streaks to prove it. It was n ice to take off the shoes and walk along the sandy beaches with the waves periodically lapping at your feet - a cool refreshing feeling on a muggy, showery day - while TS Tomas is some distance away it does seem to be spawning frequent T-storms that drop a fair amount of rain in a short period of time.

I had lunch during one of the storms at a McDonalds - there are a string of fast food restaurants in this area - by the time I was finished it was back on the bus and back into town where I got ninety minutes of internet for $6.00 and used almost all of it to get caught up on events at home. Usual problems facing the strata - nothing that missing me can’t be solved by the others.

Looking forward to seeing the baseball game if ESPN shows it but I suspect we will get the Monday Night football.

We did in fact get the football game and I couldn’t get a Canucks score on a sport network that seemed obsessed with the Randy Moss situation - finally got it on the ticker at CNBC the next morning.

More later

The Big Easy New Orleans Nov 7, 2010

After a two hour wait in line finally made it off the ship and headed for the hotel - it is located across the street from where I stayed the last time.

There were a couple of things on my to do list this visit - ride the streetcars and see some of the cemeteries - accomplished both.

First took the St Charles streetcar which uses only the old original cars and rode it to the end with a couple of stops along the way - At Loyola and Tulane University for a few pictures and at the Carolleton curve just to get some pictures. Then it was back downtown and on to the newer Canal Street cars for a trip along that line - didn't realize but at the end of this one there are three or four cemeteries to view - because New Orleans is actually below sea level they can't bury the usual way. Unfortunately they were closed by the time I got there but did get some images - brought a day pass for $5.00 to ride as much as I want.

Traffic is always fun in the downtown core because of the narrow streets or streetcar lines and it was doubly so today as Joe Biden was in town to play host to the Prime Minister of Israel and a Jewish Federation Convention.

Posting this from a free wi-fi in the lobby of the Hotel.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Aruba November 1, 2010

Walked around the town and then took the bus to Palm Beach where I sunned for an hour or so - am now in town - getting ready to reboard the ship in a few minutes and then I have two sea days before we reach Rotaon on Thursday.

All is well - feeling good and relaxed.



Sunday, October 31, 2010

Curacao Oct 31, 2010

Arrived here this morning after a full day at sea - am posting this update from an internet cafe in town so once again no pictures at this time - As I have been here twice before i am just taking my time walking around the town - the only change from my previous visits is where we docked - we docked at the pier in town which meant that the plontoon bridge had to opened for us - previously I docked at the mega pier a short distance away - it is warm and muggy and there was overnight rain - Hurricane Tomas is still out in the Caribbean but no one is sure exactly where it is headed next but it could provide an interesting journey and some rough seas as we start to head north towards New Orleans - to get to New Orleans the usual route is the channel between Haiti and Cuba which is where they think the storm is headed.

In less than a week the cruise will be over and I will be leaving New Orleans for the train ride home - my next major cruise might be another Panama Canal cruise as I see an interesting itinerary on a couple of NCL ships and both leave from Vancouver next September so it would only be a one way train ride home from the east coast.

Almost out of internet time - couldn't get the free wi-fi to work in town but the crew was also having trouble as well.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

a note about the entries

Due to the amount of time it takes to upload these last few entries are without images they will be added when I return.



St Kitts and Brimstone Park Oct 28, 2010



The next stop on my journey is St Kitts and Nevis - two islands in the Caribbean - one developed St Kitts and the other less so - Nevis.

Having visited here one before I was hoping to get over to Nevis but nothing was scheduled so I opted instead for a tour to a batik factory and gardens and a historic fort that is on the UNESCO site list.

The ship was docked and ready to unload by 8:AM and I was among one of the first off given that we exit on Deck 4 and my cabin is on deck 4 - I had about 45 minutes before the bus left so I walked through the Port development and took a few pictures - found were one of the internet shops was and it is only $5.00 an hour or $7.00 a day for your own wi-fi.

Then onto a small van for the trip to the first stop - a brief look at the Governor General’s home and a cemetery that housed the remains of the first three Prime Ministers since independence in the 1980’s.

Then it was on to the batik factory - I am not much into that but the grounds were nice and there was a good display of flowers.

Back on the bus where the driver was giving us a good narrative of the area as we drove to the Fortress.

It is an impressive site - lots of history as the British protected this vital link in their supply routes - and beat the French to get sole possession of the Island.

Then returned to the port - used the internet for an hour - tried to upload these entries but no success - need to save in doc. Files instead of Works or Rich text.

Then brought three Caribe beers for $5.00 and drank them in the plaza - don’t know if it was the heat or what but I didn’t enjoy the taste of that brand.

Tomorrow Barbados - originally I wasn’t going to do anything but booked another adventure trip - more on that tomorrow - then we finally get a rest day before heading for Aruba and Curacao.


Virgin Gorda Baths excursion Oct 27, 2010


OCT 27, 2010

We sailed overnight from Samana to Tortola - this is a new port for me - sailing in this morning the beauty is outstanding - some 50 islands or islets make up the B.V.I.
as they are collectively known - just waiting for the all clear for us to go ashore and unlike yesterday there is a dock here - I have the above tour booked and I leave the ship on level 4 which just happens to be the same level as my cabin.

Well how do I describe today’s wonderful, exhilarating day - in simple, plain English how about the following one word - WOW!!!. What a great day and another great excursion.

Exiting the ship we board a catamaran for the forty minutes ride to Virgin Gorda - one of the islands that make up the BVI - the seas are choppy and there are a few oohs and aahs as we dip up and down with the waves - we are provided with some commentary by the commander of the ship - CAPTAIN WAYNE - as he wanted us to call him - finally we reach the pier where we then board open air buses for the ten minute ride to the Baths - which are a national park.

After a brief introduction explaining our options - down the trail to the beach with full facilities and a bar - then through the caves if you wish - and a alternate trail back up to the buses or any version of this we have two and one half hours to do as we please

Our tour guides lead us down the steep, rocky trail to the beach which took about fifteen minutes as some of the less mobile ones or those not to sure footed slowed the pace for the faster walkers - we reach the beach and that was enough for some people to spend the rest of the day - there are change rooms and a bar and grill and a beautiful beach - I change into my swim wear and get into the water and splash
around for a while before started to do the fifteen or so minute walk through the caves - unique rock formation mingled with water - little more than ankle deep today - ladders and ropes etc- while it sounds scary all it really takes is a little patience and follow the footprints and yellow paint on a few of the rocks and you will be okay.


For me the start meant getting down on all fours and crawling through the opening - see next photo - after that it wasn’t all that difficult - down a three step wooden ladder - up a small rock incline with support rope - suck the gut in for a narrow passageway - wait while some hikers going the other way and before you know it you are at the final platform and descend to Devil’s Bay beach - a beauty. See second image on next page.


I then spend some time walking along the beach and exploring some more rocky areas which led to another secluded beach - no one there - took some more photos and then return to the beach and started up the alternate trail back to the trailhead - I am hot and sweaty and a little tired as I didn’t sleep all that well last night - adjourn to the restroom to change back into the shorts and out of the sandals which are wet and full of sand - I had remember to bring a plastic bag to put them into so as not to dirty the rest of the stuff in my day pack.

Then sat down with some of the others on the tour - grabbed lunch - hamburger and fries with tip $15.00 - high but the meal tasted good.

Then it was back on the buses and boat and back to Tortola.

I walked around the town for about an hour - stopped into Pussers Pub and Grill where some of the CC meet and greet gang were enjoying a beverage - grabbed a coke and chatting with Big Green - Bud and then may my way back to the ship and collapsed onto my bed.

Had supper once again in the buffet and later a snack in the Blue Lagoon and then watch Game I of the World Series for a while before hitting the sack - It was 8 -4 when I went to bed and the final was 11 - 7 . A wild one with more scoring than some NFL games.

Tomorrow we visited St Kitts - been there once before - am doing a tour to the Fortress National Parka and Gardens - it will be easy compared to the last two days.

As I am typing this Thursday morning we are approaching St Kitts as I can see it from my porthole window.


Samana and a Waterfall hike Oct 26, 2010


When you are returning to a cruise port that you have previously visited you have the advantage of perhaps knowing what you might want to do in advance - on my first visit there two years ago I did the Cave and Mangroves excursion which is considered one of the top tours in the region.

On the other hand it can be a disadvantage in that you are concerned that perhaps your choice this time around won’t be as eventful as your previous one.

Fortunately I made a good decision - a waterfall hike to the El Limon Waterfall - about a 30 minute drive from the tender port and then a 30 minute hike to the waterfall - seen above with me - thanks to one of the locals for offering to take the photo.

The day started with us spotting land about 10AM - the first such sighting in two and a half days.

Once the ship dropped anchor next to the RCL Enchantment of the Seas we waited for the tender boats to get into position - we all met in the Stardust Lounge and were taken down to the tenders - it takes about 20 minutes to reach the tender pier in Samana where we were greeted by the locals and directed to our open air van to take us to the trailhead. There are nine of us during this excursion including two of the entertainers from the ship - Pedro was our tour guide and provided us with some information about the school system and the local economy.

We then arrive at the trailhead where we were advised that because the trail is very muddy - partly because of the soil and partly because of heavy rains earlier in the day - that we should all wear gum boots which were provided free of charge - after changing into my swim wear I donned a pair of the boots for the approx 30 minute walk to the falls - the trail gently loses altitude until you can hear the roar of the falls where the trail steepens for a very short distance and then VOILA - the falls and a beautiful nature swimming pool enfolds - we have twenty five minutes to enjoy the water - I walk around to the side of the falls to get some pictures and then leaving the camera behind get into the water - the temperature was pleasantly cool given the heat and humidity on land.

We were greeted to a pleasant surprise when we noticed at the top of falls one of the locals preparing for a cliff style dive and before we know it he is in the air and on the way to the water - caught that on the video cam but that file will have to wait until I get back and have lots of time to internet upload it.

We then returned to the trailhead - I decided to wear my sandals back as the gum boots were chafing my legs - they are a little dirty but none the worse for wear - I enjoyed a cold El Presidente beer and then back on the bus for the return to the tender port.

One of the guys was extra thirsty so Pedro had the driver stop and he hustled in a brought him a large one quart size bottle of beer.

We arrived with about an hour to spare before the last tender but seeing that there was a lineup and I myself was still thirsty I went in a brought another beer and drank it along the beer - it is okay to do that in Samana

Got in the tender line but the first one filled up so waited about another five minutes and got on that one - back on the ship around 5:30PM

Was hungry so headed for the buffet and then to type this blog entry.

Very glad that I selected this trip - it was well worth the money spent.

Tomorrow Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

Two days at Sea Oct 24 - 25 2010

SUNDAY OCT 24, 2010 - AT SEA

I awoke on my first full day at sea feeling sluggish and fatigued - probably not surprising given how active the past few days have been - did attend the morning Meet and Greet - good turnout about 70 - 80 people attended at various times throughout the hour - some juice and light snacks provided by the ship - Bud “Big Green” was in charge as he did most of the organizing for this event - after that was over I spend most of the rest of the day laying down and/or book reading as I just didn’t have any energy - didn’t see much of the gang that I met yesterday until after supper and after sitting and discussing the world with them and having a couple of amber lagers I started to feel better - took in a show called - the Perfect Couple - a take off of the Newlywed type of show and then it was onto the Stardust lounge for the late show of the NCL production of “On Broadway” - I am not into those kind of shows but I thought the production and singing was first class - after the show was finished it was back upstairs to the Galaxy of the Seas lounge for a 70’ retro night with the mandatory Celebrate, We are Family, YMCA, Stayin Alive dance medley - it was well attended.
The weather is sunny with cloudy periods but a fairly strong breeze is keeping it a little on the cool side.

So far haven’t decided to get an internet package - will see how it goes in the ports although I would like to upload these journal entries while on board. Then it was off of bed.


Two months to Christmas!

Woke up feeling much more cheerier which is usually the case after a day of fatigue - the fatigue is something that I just have had to live with as has been a part of my life the past few years.

It is windy outside so don’t know how much sun worshipping I will do but I am now in shorts and expect to be in shorts for the remainder of the cruise.

Will probably search out my cruise buddies now that I know where they are hanging out.

I did check out the internet - you can access the NCL web site for free and it was slow so I am a little less inclined to purchase a large package.

Have lots of photos to edit from the trip - it’s either do them now or wait and do when I get home after transferring them to my laptop. Decision - Decisions - Decisions - who was it that used to say that on TV all the time.

I am happy to be in an ocean view cabin - while only a porthole rather than a full window it still provides much needed light and saw a nice sunrise this morning.

I also did check out the gym facilities - wasn’t that impressed - much smaller than on some of the other ships and they only have one bike, a couple of recumbent, elliptical and plenty of treadmills - while all provide the same basic cardio results I have always preferred the bikes since it is a natural extension of my outdoor riding.

Well after dinner I did purchase an internet package - a 100 minutes for $55.00 + 15 bonus minutes - checked my email to see what is going on in the world - nothing earth shattering so hopefully tomorrow after I get back from my excursions I will take my Netbook and go to one of the hot spots and upload these entries to the blog.

The wind continues to blow hard - whether it has anything to do with tropical storm Richard I don’t know as we don’t get the greatest of TV channels on board to check on weather conditions.

Tomorrow we arrive in Samana in the Dominican Republic for our first of eight port stops - it’s only a day hour layover and a tender port as well - as I have a ship’s excursion booked I don’t need to worry about tender tickets and because I am a gold status Latitudes members I weren’t need tender tickets anyway as I get priority tendering anyways. It is one of the perks you get for being a frequent NCL cruise passenger.

Not taking in the show tonight - it’s a comedian and that’s something I am not all that thrilled with + tomorrow night be will do a late night “adult humor” .


Boarding the Norwegian Spirit Oct 23, 2010


A year of planning has resulted in the day of reckoning - boarding the Norwegian Spirit in Boston on Saturday Oct 23, 2010

I awoke early - did some internet surfin - then had breakfast and explored the area around the Sheraton Hotel - Copley Square and Newberry Street.

Returned to the hotel and did the final packing and then proceeded down to the lobby to meet up with Debra and Rick and the taxi ride to the ship - took about 20 minutes to get there - Rick paid the tab - wouldn’t except anything for it as his logic was I would have have to pay if you weren’t along.

Dropped my bags with the porters and then proceeded into to terminal and very shortly I was in line to get my room card etc.

Then there was perhaps a twenty minute wait before boarding started - during this time found Dave and Kathy, Jim and Judy and some of there friends so we all boarded together - as our rooms won’t be ready until after 2PM we adjourned to the main Windows Dining Room for lunch.

There was an outbreak of the noro-walk virus on the previous cruise so everything is done by staff - no self-service to start the cruise.

After lunch we met up at the rear of ship to await muster and then sail away.

Muster was slightly different - you know longer have to bring your life jacket from your room to your muster station - this was a change that I had read about but wasn’t sure if the Spirit had implemented it yet.

After muster we reconvened at the rear of the ship to await sail away - I spurned a Cruise Critic sail away because I am not sure how much of Big Green I want to expose myself too.

And we waited and waited and awaited some more - we watched both the Crown Princess and the Jewel of the Seas depart and we waited some more - finally at 6:30 the Cruise Director announced what we already knew - our sailing was delayed by a minor glitch that should be fixed shortly and wouldn’t affect our arrival time in Samana on Tuesday.

I decided to head to the buffet to have dinner and then adding another layer of clothes - let’s see I forgot to mentikon that although the sun was shining the wind was blowing haed making it quite cool - went back outside - finally around 7:30 PM came the announcement that the Port Authority had cleared the Captain to leave.
By this time it was dark so the hope of getting some good photos of Boston’s downtown landscape had evaporated - had to be content with just watching from the ship.

Then joined some of the others and took in the nightly show - more a potpourri of what’s in store over the next fifteen days.

My cabin is an ocean view on Deck 4 with a porthole to see the outside world and that is where I am typing up this blog entry

Tomorrow is a sea day and a big meet and greet for the large Cruise Critic group on board so that will keep me business in the morning - might check out the gym in the afternoon.

That’s all for today.



Train ride to Boston

OCT 17 - 20, 2010
Sunday Oct 17, 2010

As I don’t fly my means of getting to cruise ports is to take the bus and/or train. This year was no exception - a short bus trip across the border and into Seattle - the border went smoothly and one thing that was different this year and appears to speed up the process is that all those that aren’t carrying either US or Canadian ID go first as in most cases they take longer to process i.e. visa requirements etc.

Into Seattle with time to spare so I walked around the station area and got some good photos of the skyline and Qwest field. Onto to train for the three day trip across the northern tier States into Chicago and then onto Boston.

Shortly after boarding it’s time to book dinner time - as the number of spaces in the dining car are limited you are given a list of times that you can eat - preference is given to sleeper car riders - meals and non-alcoholic beverages are included.

You are also offered a welcome aboard small bottle of champagne which I gladly accepted. For dinner I chose a meat loaf in buffalo sauce - that was spicy and not too
hot along with a salad and trimmings - won’t tell you what decadent dessert I had.
Then it was off to bed as I was tired but I did read a little.

Monday Oct 18, 2010

I woke up around 7AM after a good nights sleep - had breakfast and then enjoyed the ride through Glacier National Park and the climb through Marias Pass - lots of fall colors and I took lots of photos albeit through the windows so you don’t get the full impact of the beauty.

Have lunch before we arrive in Havre Montana where I walk across the street from the station to a tavern to pick up a 6 pack of cold ones for the rest of the journey - you are allowed to drink in your sleeper cars but not in the coach cars..

Then it’s dinner, read the book, drink some beer, enjoy the scenery and then it was off to bed - up until this time we are running on schedule but that would change.

Tuesday Oct 19, 2010

Slept well once again but we are now running ninety minutes late and won’t be able to make up the time.

It seems that a couple of BNSF freight trains got a little to close while passing each other and cause a minor derailment which resulted in the westbound train being sixteen hours late into Spokane and then being bused to Seattle.

It works like this - BNSF owns the track and even though Amtrak is on schedule they decide to let a backlog of freight trains go first even though we are on time.

As a result I don’t have a lot of time in Chicago but a another little glitch occurred - I had checked my big suitcase through to Boston but while getting my ticket out in Chicago noticed that they were sending it through to Boston South Station and not Boston Back Bay as I requested - it seems that there is no baggage handling at Back Bay as it is only a commuter stop which is fine with me but why didn’t the porter who checked it in Seattle tell me that - well after a little asking I was able to retrieve my bag and it remained with me for the trip to Boston.

I grabbed a bite to eat at the Station - checked my email at the Metropolitan Lounge in the station and then boarded the Lakeshore Limited for the 24 hour trip to Boston.
Wednesday Oct 20, 2010

I had another good night sleep and are taking lot’s of photos - part of today’s journey - Albany to Boston is new as I have traveled that route yet.

This is also what they call a split train - at Albany - the train is split - the main part with the dining car goes onto to New York while the remainder with the lounge/café car heads for Boston - we are running on time - should be into Boston before our scheduled arrival time of 9:00 PM - we arrive about 30 minutes early - we get a different dinner - we can either choose from the lounge car menu or they have a beef Wellington dinner that they will heat up for you. I choose the latter and it tasted okay.

I am off the train and then walk the six or so blocks to the hotel in Back Bay - across from the Christian Science Monitor center and attached to the Prudential Center and other shopping places.

The first phase of the trip has be completed - now it’s a couple of days in Boston and then onto the cruise ship for fifteen days.

Well I have arrived in Basseterre in St Kitts - having a great cruise - trying to upload my journal entries from an internet cafe - no luck yet.



Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Foliage New England tour Oct 22, 2010

Today had me once again back on a Gray Line tour bus - this time heading north of Boston and into southern New Hampshire - after being shuttle from my hotel to the load point at the Transportation center - for a fall foliage tour. Once again we had a native Bostonian for a driver and at times he was more funny than some on the Comedy Network - the bus was near full as this trip will only be offered until this weekend.

We followed mostly rural roads out of Boston until our first stop at Waldo Pond - named after Ralph Waldo Emerson who grew up in the area - then it was pass a field of different looking cows - the driver described them as OREO Cows - they do look much like the cookie of the same name. Then it was time for a restroom, coffee or ice cream break before heading into Willard Brook State Forest at Ashby Ma which has a small covered bridge and nice stream flowing through it.

Then we headed for an old church and cemetery with lots of fall colors before passing into New Hampshire - my first time in that state - - then it was a lunch stop in Rindge NH - it was a pre-ordered meal and not included in the ticket price - I choose a chicken breast done in a brandy sauce - it was the most popular item chosen - perhaps having some brandy in it had something to do with it - I shared a table with a couple from Cairns, Australia who I found out are on the same cruise as I.

After lunch we made a couple more stops at some scenic lakes - chance to stretch our legs - the weather which started sunny, windy and cool was ever changing including a few snow flakes - yes snow flakes - near where this lake was located - the driver explained that we are in the snow belt north of Boston. Our next to final stop was a shopping mall with a restroom break - also a nice stream and colorful foliage along its banks . Then a stop at a working farm for a chance to look over a pumpkin patch and corn maze and some farm animals.

Then it was back to Boston - the traffic and the layout of the roads in the City means lots of extra time to get everyone back to there originating hotel - in my case almost 7PM - not the driver's fault just the way traffic is in Boston.

Tomorrow a bit of repacking - I picked up a 12 pack of pop - need to put that in one of my bags - if all goes as planned I will share a cab ride with a couple from Idaho who are staying at this hotel and who I have been talking too on line.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boston arrival and Cape Cod Oct 20 - 21, 2010

Added a number of photos from yesterday's trip to the Cape. Enjoy

Well I have arrived in Boston in preparation for my cruise on Saturday - the train ride here was uneventful - spent today touring Cape Cod - tomorrow a trip up New Hampshire for some fall colors.


That's me in front of the reflecting pool and the Christian Science First church in Boston - it was built after St Peter's in Rome.

The sign says it all!

The memorial - it is located not far from the Kennedy compound at Hyannisport on the shores of Lewis Bay - we weren't able to see the compound because of choppy seas.

Real New England clam chowder.

My fish and chip lunch at the Lobster Boat restaurant in Yarmouth, Ma.

Our next stop was the town of Sandwich - named after the Earl of Sandwich - it is also the oldest incorporated town in Mass. dating back to 1638 - seems that the Puritans didn't register Plymouth even though it was established in 1620.

Halloween is coming and there was a display on the lawn of the town Library - here is one of the displays.

Sandwich was famous for it's early glass making industry and this is from a display at the Sandwich Glass Museum.

Since we couldn't do a sea cruise the driver took us to Plymouth where we had an hour to see lots of history including this exact replica of the Mayflower - imagine a ship that size with 102 passengers + crew + animals.

Finally it me again in front of the Monument to our Forefathers - if it looks familiar it should be - this was actually built first and the French designers of the Statute of Liberty actually visited the site to copy its design.

It was a great day and now it is off from a fall foliage tour up into New Hampshire.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hornby Street bike lane Oct 15, 2010

Well the City is blazing away in the creation of the bike lane the full length of Hornby Street in downtown Vancouver - this 3 Million $$$ + project has generated a lot of discussion and controversy but the City is determined to get the project underway and my block is the first to get worked on. They have to remove a traffic bulge that was put in about 10 years ago so they can maintain parking on my side of the street. This entails either removing or moving some eight trees - they are being moved as you will see in the images below.

Fall colors along the False Creek seawall near the foot of Granville St

Sidewalk is being rebuilt and the trees moved a couple of feet. Quite the process for moving these trees.

This one is just about ready to be moved.

Looking up Hornby from Pacific.

If I was to obey this sign I would not be able to enter my condo building.
Fortunately I leave for Boston in a few days and will miss most of the mess and traffic chaos that is likely to ensue.

A brief update

Haven`t been posting all that much as Facebook has become more of my social media source BUT as I will be leaving in a few days for Boston and a 15 day Caribbean cruise I thought I would stop in a post an update - while on the cruise I hope to be able to post fairly regularly about my comings and goings.

West End of Vancouver from the Burrard Bridge

BC Place stadium is getting a new roof.

Wind turbine at the top of Grouse Mountain.

Me at Lindeman Lake in the Chilliwack river valley.

HOHO bus and fall colors on Georgia Street bear the entrance to Stanley Park.