Friday, October 15, 2010

Hornby Street bike lane Oct 15, 2010

Well the City is blazing away in the creation of the bike lane the full length of Hornby Street in downtown Vancouver - this 3 Million $$$ + project has generated a lot of discussion and controversy but the City is determined to get the project underway and my block is the first to get worked on. They have to remove a traffic bulge that was put in about 10 years ago so they can maintain parking on my side of the street. This entails either removing or moving some eight trees - they are being moved as you will see in the images below.

Fall colors along the False Creek seawall near the foot of Granville St

Sidewalk is being rebuilt and the trees moved a couple of feet. Quite the process for moving these trees.

This one is just about ready to be moved.

Looking up Hornby from Pacific.

If I was to obey this sign I would not be able to enter my condo building.
Fortunately I leave for Boston in a few days and will miss most of the mess and traffic chaos that is likely to ensue.

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