Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chasing my elusive Olympic dream Dec 17, 2009

On the Olympic volunteer front received another email asking a few more questions including whether I would be willing to be based out of Whistler - either living in provided accommodations or be transported there and back. I said yes.

Sounds like they are interested in me because the next round of the process isn't suppose to start until next week.

One of the things identified in the email was that you are basically assigned to delegation and are there to provide certain services like transport to venues etc - you will also have access to the venues while you are with the delegation. You also could start as early as Jan 29 - when the first of the delegations starts arriving

It not an easy task - most likely 6 days on 1 off and between 8 - 10 hour shifts although the Whistler posting could be a little different.



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little clarification

I got a little ahead of myself on the post about volunteering for the Olympics - I was a little concerned about how the email was structured - very generic and one minor error - So I phoned the volunteer hot line - the email was very legit and it was actually asking me if I was interested in applying for this position and by replying in the affirmative I become part of the pool who will be accessed over the next week. Hopefully will get another email early next week with the actual offer - if that happens I will then have access to the volunteer web page and all the dates etc will be outlined for me.



Christmas on Granville Island and a little politics December 14, 2009

Last night I had the chance to venture over to Granville Island to partake in my MLA Mary McNeill first annual Xmas party - it is the first because she was only elected in May - she is also the Minister responsible for the Olympics - it was my first time to see and talk to her since election night as she has been very busy with all the Olympic themed events going on in town.

It was also a chance to renew friendships with some of her campaign team you are now working for her.

I took the ferry across False Creek with snow falling and with the intent of taking a number of photos of Granville Island decked out in Christmas colors but I forgot to check my battery level and was only able to capture the bottom two images before they died.

After the function and a few free beers I headed back to the ferry but saw the Ocean Cement truck all decked out and snapped it and the first image with my Blackberry.

Then it was off to the Big Ones to do a little computer work for him.



Sunday, December 13, 2009

First taste of winter and more Christmas scenes Sunday December 13, 2009

It starting snowing lightly as I was about to head our for a walk for a little shopping and lunch.

Took along my point and shot camera to see what I might get in the line of snow shots.

The "old" theatre row on Granville was my first opportunity because there are no cars or buses running you get a chance to see the snow accumulate on the roadway.

Then it was onto to Pacific Center Mall where I realized that the annual Festival of Trees is held on the upper level of the Mall and in the lobby of the adjacent Four Seasons Hotel.

Outside once again I visit the site of the Vancouver Christmas tree and Olympic countdown clock at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

his evening at 6PM PST we will reach the 60 day countdown.

Then it is onto to the Royal Bank - one of the main
sponsors of the Torch Relay and the art deco they have put up on their main headquarters building at Georgia andBurrard.

Finally a look at the art work at the
CTV building at Robson andBurrard - they are the official broadcaster to the Games.

Then it was off home.