Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chasing my elusive Olympic dream Dec 17, 2009

On the Olympic volunteer front received another email asking a few more questions including whether I would be willing to be based out of Whistler - either living in provided accommodations or be transported there and back. I said yes.

Sounds like they are interested in me because the next round of the process isn't suppose to start until next week.

One of the things identified in the email was that you are basically assigned to delegation and are there to provide certain services like transport to venues etc - you will also have access to the venues while you are with the delegation. You also could start as early as Jan 29 - when the first of the delegations starts arriving

It not an easy task - most likely 6 days on 1 off and between 8 - 10 hour shifts although the Whistler posting could be a little different.



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