Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally some fall colors in the City Oct 9, 2009

With all the recent warm weather the changing of the colors here on the West Coast has been slow to happen but we are finally starting to have much cooler overnight temps and even some light frost so the change is now occurring - today I got on the bike and headed down Hornby to the waterfront and then along the seawall and through the park and ended up at Second Beach where the most recent version of Vancouver's art deco program has been unveiled. This in photos is the story of that 15 km ride - the weather was cloudy with some sunny breaks and there were a fair number of people out for a ride, walk or roller blade.


Monday, October 5, 2009

A walk through Minnekhada Regional Park Sunday Oct 4, 2009

Another nice sunny fall day and not wanting to sit at home and not being a NFL football junkie I headed out to the Tri-Cities to visit Minnekhada Regional Park - it is an interesting piece of BC history as it contains a Lodge once owned by a Lieutenant Governor of BC which sits on a bluff overlooking the Pitt River and Fraser River marsh lands but today I went to explore some of the other parts of this regional Park.

Check out this link for more info on the Park:

This in pictures is the story of my approx. 5KM loop walk through the forests and marshes of the park.


A bike ride across the new Canada Line into Richmond Oct 3, 2009

One of the items on my outdoor to-do list before the weather turns nasty for the winter was to check out the bike ride across the new Canada Line bridge from the south foot of Cambie St over the North Arm of the Fraser to Richmond - so I packed the bike into the truck and drove to my starting point - it is a short ramp ride up to the main catwalk like double track across the bridge.

You get some great views of both looking towards Richmond and the Airport as well as back to Vancouver - on this day you could see the Lions in the far north distance sporting their first significant snowfall of the season.

After crossing the Bridge I head for the River Rock Casino boardwalk and views from there of the Marina and River. From there it's over the middle arm bridge and a ride through Burkeville and onto to the old or South Airport and some more views of the Fraser River.

Oh look it me - I return across the Middle Arm on the #2 Rd bridge - ride pass the Olympic Speed Skating Oval and it's art deco display and then back across the bridge to my truck.
In all about an 19 km ride under sunny but pleasant ride and with the usual winds that always seem to occur here.