Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Big Easy New Orleans Nov 7, 2010

After a two hour wait in line finally made it off the ship and headed for the hotel - it is located across the street from where I stayed the last time.

There were a couple of things on my to do list this visit - ride the streetcars and see some of the cemeteries - accomplished both.

First took the St Charles streetcar which uses only the old original cars and rode it to the end with a couple of stops along the way - At Loyola and Tulane University for a few pictures and at the Carolleton curve just to get some pictures. Then it was back downtown and on to the newer Canal Street cars for a trip along that line - didn't realize but at the end of this one there are three or four cemeteries to view - because New Orleans is actually below sea level they can't bury the usual way. Unfortunately they were closed by the time I got there but did get some images - brought a day pass for $5.00 to ride as much as I want.

Traffic is always fun in the downtown core because of the narrow streets or streetcar lines and it was doubly so today as Joe Biden was in town to play host to the Prime Minister of Israel and a Jewish Federation Convention.

Posting this from a free wi-fi in the lobby of the Hotel.


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