Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two days at Sea Oct 24 - 25 2010

SUNDAY OCT 24, 2010 - AT SEA

I awoke on my first full day at sea feeling sluggish and fatigued - probably not surprising given how active the past few days have been - did attend the morning Meet and Greet - good turnout about 70 - 80 people attended at various times throughout the hour - some juice and light snacks provided by the ship - Bud “Big Green” was in charge as he did most of the organizing for this event - after that was over I spend most of the rest of the day laying down and/or book reading as I just didn’t have any energy - didn’t see much of the gang that I met yesterday until after supper and after sitting and discussing the world with them and having a couple of amber lagers I started to feel better - took in a show called - the Perfect Couple - a take off of the Newlywed type of show and then it was onto the Stardust lounge for the late show of the NCL production of “On Broadway” - I am not into those kind of shows but I thought the production and singing was first class - after the show was finished it was back upstairs to the Galaxy of the Seas lounge for a 70’ retro night with the mandatory Celebrate, We are Family, YMCA, Stayin Alive dance medley - it was well attended.
The weather is sunny with cloudy periods but a fairly strong breeze is keeping it a little on the cool side.

So far haven’t decided to get an internet package - will see how it goes in the ports although I would like to upload these journal entries while on board. Then it was off of bed.


Two months to Christmas!

Woke up feeling much more cheerier which is usually the case after a day of fatigue - the fatigue is something that I just have had to live with as has been a part of my life the past few years.

It is windy outside so don’t know how much sun worshipping I will do but I am now in shorts and expect to be in shorts for the remainder of the cruise.

Will probably search out my cruise buddies now that I know where they are hanging out.

I did check out the internet - you can access the NCL web site for free and it was slow so I am a little less inclined to purchase a large package.

Have lots of photos to edit from the trip - it’s either do them now or wait and do when I get home after transferring them to my laptop. Decision - Decisions - Decisions - who was it that used to say that on TV all the time.

I am happy to be in an ocean view cabin - while only a porthole rather than a full window it still provides much needed light and saw a nice sunrise this morning.

I also did check out the gym facilities - wasn’t that impressed - much smaller than on some of the other ships and they only have one bike, a couple of recumbent, elliptical and plenty of treadmills - while all provide the same basic cardio results I have always preferred the bikes since it is a natural extension of my outdoor riding.

Well after dinner I did purchase an internet package - a 100 minutes for $55.00 + 15 bonus minutes - checked my email to see what is going on in the world - nothing earth shattering so hopefully tomorrow after I get back from my excursions I will take my Netbook and go to one of the hot spots and upload these entries to the blog.

The wind continues to blow hard - whether it has anything to do with tropical storm Richard I don’t know as we don’t get the greatest of TV channels on board to check on weather conditions.

Tomorrow we arrive in Samana in the Dominican Republic for our first of eight port stops - it’s only a day hour layover and a tender port as well - as I have a ship’s excursion booked I don’t need to worry about tender tickets and because I am a gold status Latitudes members I weren’t need tender tickets anyway as I get priority tendering anyways. It is one of the perks you get for being a frequent NCL cruise passenger.

Not taking in the show tonight - it’s a comedian and that’s something I am not all that thrilled with + tomorrow night be will do a late night “adult humor” .


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BlondeKajun said...

Dennis I took this cruise on the spirit last year, I think it was tough being out of touch for such a long cruise, but it was also a blessing, enjoy!