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Virgin Gorda Baths excursion Oct 27, 2010


OCT 27, 2010

We sailed overnight from Samana to Tortola - this is a new port for me - sailing in this morning the beauty is outstanding - some 50 islands or islets make up the B.V.I.
as they are collectively known - just waiting for the all clear for us to go ashore and unlike yesterday there is a dock here - I have the above tour booked and I leave the ship on level 4 which just happens to be the same level as my cabin.

Well how do I describe today’s wonderful, exhilarating day - in simple, plain English how about the following one word - WOW!!!. What a great day and another great excursion.

Exiting the ship we board a catamaran for the forty minutes ride to Virgin Gorda - one of the islands that make up the BVI - the seas are choppy and there are a few oohs and aahs as we dip up and down with the waves - we are provided with some commentary by the commander of the ship - CAPTAIN WAYNE - as he wanted us to call him - finally we reach the pier where we then board open air buses for the ten minute ride to the Baths - which are a national park.

After a brief introduction explaining our options - down the trail to the beach with full facilities and a bar - then through the caves if you wish - and a alternate trail back up to the buses or any version of this we have two and one half hours to do as we please

Our tour guides lead us down the steep, rocky trail to the beach which took about fifteen minutes as some of the less mobile ones or those not to sure footed slowed the pace for the faster walkers - we reach the beach and that was enough for some people to spend the rest of the day - there are change rooms and a bar and grill and a beautiful beach - I change into my swim wear and get into the water and splash
around for a while before started to do the fifteen or so minute walk through the caves - unique rock formation mingled with water - little more than ankle deep today - ladders and ropes etc- while it sounds scary all it really takes is a little patience and follow the footprints and yellow paint on a few of the rocks and you will be okay.


For me the start meant getting down on all fours and crawling through the opening - see next photo - after that it wasn’t all that difficult - down a three step wooden ladder - up a small rock incline with support rope - suck the gut in for a narrow passageway - wait while some hikers going the other way and before you know it you are at the final platform and descend to Devil’s Bay beach - a beauty. See second image on next page.


I then spend some time walking along the beach and exploring some more rocky areas which led to another secluded beach - no one there - took some more photos and then return to the beach and started up the alternate trail back to the trailhead - I am hot and sweaty and a little tired as I didn’t sleep all that well last night - adjourn to the restroom to change back into the shorts and out of the sandals which are wet and full of sand - I had remember to bring a plastic bag to put them into so as not to dirty the rest of the stuff in my day pack.

Then sat down with some of the others on the tour - grabbed lunch - hamburger and fries with tip $15.00 - high but the meal tasted good.

Then it was back on the buses and boat and back to Tortola.

I walked around the town for about an hour - stopped into Pussers Pub and Grill where some of the CC meet and greet gang were enjoying a beverage - grabbed a coke and chatting with Big Green - Bud and then may my way back to the ship and collapsed onto my bed.

Had supper once again in the buffet and later a snack in the Blue Lagoon and then watch Game I of the World Series for a while before hitting the sack - It was 8 -4 when I went to bed and the final was 11 - 7 . A wild one with more scoring than some NFL games.

Tomorrow we visited St Kitts - been there once before - am doing a tour to the Fortress National Parka and Gardens - it will be easy compared to the last two days.

As I am typing this Thursday morning we are approaching St Kitts as I can see it from my porthole window.


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