Thursday, October 28, 2010

St Kitts and Brimstone Park Oct 28, 2010



The next stop on my journey is St Kitts and Nevis - two islands in the Caribbean - one developed St Kitts and the other less so - Nevis.

Having visited here one before I was hoping to get over to Nevis but nothing was scheduled so I opted instead for a tour to a batik factory and gardens and a historic fort that is on the UNESCO site list.

The ship was docked and ready to unload by 8:AM and I was among one of the first off given that we exit on Deck 4 and my cabin is on deck 4 - I had about 45 minutes before the bus left so I walked through the Port development and took a few pictures - found were one of the internet shops was and it is only $5.00 an hour or $7.00 a day for your own wi-fi.

Then onto a small van for the trip to the first stop - a brief look at the Governor General’s home and a cemetery that housed the remains of the first three Prime Ministers since independence in the 1980’s.

Then it was on to the batik factory - I am not much into that but the grounds were nice and there was a good display of flowers.

Back on the bus where the driver was giving us a good narrative of the area as we drove to the Fortress.

It is an impressive site - lots of history as the British protected this vital link in their supply routes - and beat the French to get sole possession of the Island.

Then returned to the port - used the internet for an hour - tried to upload these entries but no success - need to save in doc. Files instead of Works or Rich text.

Then brought three Caribe beers for $5.00 and drank them in the plaza - don’t know if it was the heat or what but I didn’t enjoy the taste of that brand.

Tomorrow Barbados - originally I wasn’t going to do anything but booked another adventure trip - more on that tomorrow - then we finally get a rest day before heading for Aruba and Curacao.


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