Sunday, June 8, 2014

Whistler wildlife sightings Part 1 Sunday June 1, 2014

I spent a couple of days last week up at Whistler camping at the Riverside Resort in the town.

While out driving up to the Whistler Olympic Park I came across not one but two bears roadside feeding on the lush grasses.

The first two photos are from the drive up to the WOP. The second two are from the drive back down the road.


After picking myself up off the ground from a minor bike mishap I was returning to the Lost Lake trail head and an opportunity to wash and clean my hands which took the brunt of my little bike mishap I was wondering what the excitement was all about when I saw this. He was munching on the grasses less than ten feet from all the people in the area. The fence is not totally enclosed - it is there more as a control measure in the ski season as trails converge here.

The operator of the shop there had to keep reminding people not to get any closer - they want the bears to co-exist and not become to friendly with us humans.

PART TWO - more wildlife sightings of a different type.

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