Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today since the overnight snow didn't materialize and the sun was shining I decided to get out and get some fresh air so I headed over to the North Shore to explore some of the Trans-Canada trail that I haven't hiked before. I started at the Cypress Trails playground in Cypress Falls development off of Woodgreen Rd in West Vancouver.

While not a big mountain bike area some one that built this ramp in one of the few flat areas on the trail.

There is a maze of old roads and trails in the area which is also the access to the domestic water supply for West Vancouver - my intent today was to try and see what the trail was like heading west towards Horseshoe Bay - it is the only part of the Trans Canada trail on the North Shore that I haven't either hiked or biked in the last few years.

There are number of signposts directing you to the correct way through the watershed area.
With the construction of the new inland Sea to Sky by-pass the trails end at Horseshoe Bay will be altered.
No bikes in this area and this type of signage is standard on the North Shore for the TCT trail.

The view coming down the trail looking over towards the harbour was much better than the one going up. Some other hikers had passed me and were returning to their cars which were parked over on the Cypress Bowl Rd which is a lower access way to Cypress Falls Park

It had started to cloud over so the view isn't that great but I included it here anyway.

After returning back from my TCTrail rekkie I detoured a short 5 minutes to Cypress Falls which had a pretty good flow today.

I like this bridge over a small creek the start of the trail at Cypress Trails.

Well I think you should know by now who this guy is!.

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