Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who is that guy - he seems to showing up on most of my posts!

Today with another dry but cool day in store I go into the truck and decided to go for a short drive around the west side of Vancouver - heading out to the beaches and my first stop was at Spanish Creek where one of the last remaining natural spawning creeks flows down to the ocean. Some Coho are showing up in the fall so the rehabilitation project seems to be working.

After a short stop there my next visit is at Acadia Beach which is the last easily accessible beach heading west - it is also the first beach where the clothing optional folks can go au natural without having to go all the way to Wreck Beach or having to climb down a steep stairwell.

There is also another small creek there that flows into the ocean.

After that it was time for lunch and a visit to some of the stores along the Cambie and Broadway Street shopping corridor.

The drive down Cambie is now almost back to normal - with the exception of the area between 12 Ave and the Bridge it is now repaved and open to four lanes of traffic.



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