Saturday, March 14, 2009

With the change to a wet weather pattern forecast for the next week - I use the last dry day - Friday to get in a longer and more strenuous bike ride in - this one entail climbing up the Cypress - Angus bike route to the Midtown - Ridgeway route along 37th Avenue - which is basically the high point of north south travel in the city - also was reminded that it had snowed early in the week because there was still some snow on the shaded lawns along 37th - took a two minute detour to ride by my Alma mater - Vancouver College - first time I have been by there since the newest addition has been completed - then where 37th reached Ontario St I turned left and went down this to Tenth where I detoured a couple of blocks past my old condo building and then proceeded back to Ontario and down to False Creek and home. A ride of around 18KM - no photos as I left the camera at home on purpose - being a camera hound i find that i spend so much time taking pictures that I don't get in any serious riding.

In less than a month I will need to start more serious rides as the Bike escort team for the Vancouver Marathon will start training and this year I want to be ride ready at the start - in other words able to keep up with the others from the start.

Today I am just lazin about - need to head back to the DR office this afternoon for a follow up to my blood work from last week.

If I was really energetic I should head out to the Agridome for the final in the high school boys basketball tournament as Vancouver College faces off against St Georges - the two big boys only schools in Vancouver or the Catholics vs the Protestants - it will be loud for sure.

More later



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