Monday, November 24, 2008

Things are finally starting to get back to normal in my everyday life although I am still waking up early - like 3 to 4 AM as the body clock is just starting to readjust to Pacific time.

Got the last of the digital photos transferred over to the desk top - next up will be the video and then it will be a project to come up with a small 100 photos and less than 30 minutes of video.

Didn't find the Grey Cup game yesterday all that exciting - yes it was close and in doubt until the final minutes but there have been more more thrilling games in recent years.

On the agenda for today includes getting my flu shot and stopping into the dentist to update him about my loose tooth episode in NYC.

Yesterday I did bike around the Stanley Park seawall - lots of people out and about and will either bike or hike somewhere today.

One of the upsides to the current financial downside is that with gas much cheaper I will be able to afford to drive to some of my favorite biking and hiking destinations a little further out.

Also good to see some snow on the North Shore mountains - might even do some snowshoeing on Grouse since they have two or three groomed trails and it doesn't cost me anything other than the shoe rental as the use of the trails is included with my annual Grouse pass.

More later


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