Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Raining here today on the west coast of Canada so it will be a good day to do some indoor things - before I forget - the picture at the top is taken from St Lucia in the Caribbean - it's of the Pitons one of the most recognizable natural features on that island.

The other picture most of you should recognize as well -I had a seven hour layover between trains in Washington DC and the weather was sunny but cool so instead of taking the hop on hop off bus I starting walking down Pennsylvania Ave to the White House then over to the Washington Monument and down the National Mall to the Congressional building and then back to Union Station - that took at little over 2 hours and then I basically spend my time in the first class lounge at Union station or exploring the Station which is an attraction all by itself.

The Xmas decorations have been brought up from the storage locker and will be put up over the next few days - Dec 1, 2008 is the allowable date for us to have any outside lights up and on.

Later I am heading out for coffee with some of the other retired old farts from the Y at a coffee shop on the North Shore. Usually try and see them about once a month and since I have been away their will probably be lots of BS to spread around.

More later


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