Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday November 18, 2008 - Metropolitan Lounge Amtrak Station - Chicago - in a couple of hours I will be boarding the Empire Builder for the final two days of this trip - came through overnight from Washington DC - snow on the ground along much of the route but none on the ground in Chicago.

Spent my layover time in Washington DC walking from Union Station to the White House - no I didn't see George or that biting dog on the grounds - the over to the Washington Monument - down the National Mall to the Congress building and then back to the train station - had hoped to post from there but there server was down.

While cruising and the train rides are great three weeks is getting to be a long time to be away at one time not to think of the 6 or so loads of laundry that will have to be done when I get back.

More later


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