Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday was one of those days - everything was going perfectly until an event change the mood for the remainder of the day.

I got on the bike and rode over the Lions Gate Bridge stopping to take a number of pictures - then down under the bridge along the waterfront and into Lonsdale Quay where I had lunch - walked through the market and the adjacent new viewing area where the HMCS Regina was berthed - opted not to take a tour - then hopped the Sea Bus for the short ride across to Waterfront station - then its onto my fitness club for a steam, shower and shave. This is where things started to unravel - as I was leaving the club I couldn't find my access card - think it is inside the club somewhere but without the card I would have had to get security to let me in - this is only a concern if I go on a Saturday or early or late in the day - this is a minor inconvenience for what confronted me - I go back outside and my bike is nowhere to be found - I was sure that I had locked it up properly but there was the cable lock on the bike rack and no bike - did a quick check of the area but couldn't see anyone with a bike - it was a good bike - a Kona which was 6 years old but still in good condition - I have full insurance with no deductible so that isn't the worry - I also remembered to remove my camera and cell phone before going inside to the club - the only thing that I noticed was that when I locked my bike up there were no others in the rack - when I returned 20 minutes later and mine was gone there was another old clunker lcoked next to where my was suppose to be - the thought now occurs to me that perhaps someone took mine - locked up his and would return later to get his after selling mine for some dope money. The chances of it being recovered are slim although when I filed my police incident report on-line I was able to provide a serial #.

After doing the police report I contact my insurance provider who takes the details and will get an adjuster to call me on Monday - I then proceed to get a couple of quotes for the replacement - one for a Trek and one for a Kona - I can replace the bike and most of its toys and whistles for what I paid for my last one.

I lean towards the Kona - like the color better + I know the owner of the store + one of the personal trainers at the Y works there on Saturdays which I wasn't aware off - both provide one year service - The Trek shop is a block away - the Kona store is across the Burrard Street bridge.

The third event was another minor one - I usually eat at a White Spot on Saturdays and yesterday was no exception except for the shitty service + cold fries = our regular waiter is away in Ireland and the guy running the show is not a favorite - they also had about 4 new waiters on so that was one reason why things might have been sub-par.

The last item was my good friend Jim - once again he was too busy to have dinner with his best friend.

On a more positive note I did finally get the FOYP email done and had one couple respond to wanting to work on the work party.

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