Monday, September 15, 2008

While the day didn't get off to a great start it finished up okay.

I waited until around noon to head over to pick up my new bike - across the Burrard St bridge only it wasn't ready and wouldn't be for at least three to four hours so I walked over to Granville Island after a short rest there grabbed the aqua ferry and headed home - checked the mail - was hoping for cheque for some of the physio but instead a letter saying I needed some more documentation so I will have to work on that tomorrow.

Got a phone call from one of the FOYPS who wants to do the work party.

Got an email from Marlene regarding my request for an upgrade - it will be about seventy $$$ to ugrade - give her the go ahead - receive a further email telling me the first woman was a twit and that the second one got even a lower price - it will only be $40.00 more - almost wonder if we shouldn't try a third agent and see if they get another even lower quote.

Heard from the insurance adjuster - just need to fax/email him some of the quotes etc and a cheque will be issued.

It's now 3PM and head back over to get the bike - it is almost ready - just needed the rear rack mounted but the bag I brought wouldn't fit so I had to take another set of panniers.

By 4PM I have the bike on the road - do the False Creek loop - the bike is lighter and handles well and the change we made to the stem seems to be good as I didn't experience the pain that I did in the practice ride.

By 5PM I am home after the bike ride and it almost time for supper - I have another email from a FOYP volunteer so I am now at 9 - need 14 so only five to go and there a some people who had previously indicated they wanted to attend that I will phone.

About the only two things left regarding the NYC cruise is packing and excursions - the former won't start until about a week before but I do intend to book some of the more popular excursions before they completely fill up.

More later.

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