Sunday, September 14, 2008

Decided that I would go for the Kona bike as I am used to the brand so I walked across the Burrard St bridge - not hard to see why some people don't like sharing the sidewalk with the cyclists - can't blame them - especially the lycra clad types that don't know what 15KMH means - it's not a raceway guys it is a bike lane shared with human beings on foot.

After crossing the bridge made my way to Dizzy cycles - had hoped to get out on the bike but other than a spin in the neighbourhood to try out the bike that was all I had by 2:00PM - there is only one mechanic on duty on Sundays and I have a few bells and whistles to be installed - at best I will get it late this afternoon but probably tomorrow - also had to get the stem raised as I noticed soreness in my neck and shoulder on the trial ride. The actual $$ amount is actually a little less than I paid for my last bike so I was able to upgrade some of toys and still have a few bucks left over. I will also have a one year free service package on the bike. It felt good to ride but that was before the toys are being installed.

Couldn't wait for the adjuster to call but I don't anticipate any problems since the price is actually a little less than the replacement price on my policy.

Walked back over the Bridge and home in time for a late afternoon internet surfing session - found out through my cruising buddies that there has been a price decrease on my upcoming NYC cruise - usually after final payment they won't decrease the price but will sometimes upgrade the cabins - this is what appears to be happening to many of those friends so I have emailed my TA to see what might happen.

Almost time for supper.


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