Friday, September 12, 2008

After getting my weekly spending money from a bank machine I fired up the Mazda truck and then filled her up at 135.4 liter before heading out the Valley - ended up at Campbell Valley Regional Park - while I have hiked some of the trails in the park it has always been from the north entrance off of 16th Ave - this time I started from the south entrance off of 8th Ave and did a loop of the southern trails - a combination of mutli-use trails and narrower walking trails - took about 90 minutes to do - did take a number of photos - while the scenery isn't spectacular it is an interesting valley walk - there were a number of flowers in bloom and even took one picture of myself - yes the camera still works - then proceeded into New West and Walmart where I had lunch, did some grocery shopping and look to see if there were any buys on Hawaiian shirts - need to replenish my supply before the cruise in November - nothing there that I liked.

Tonight I am going to take it easy - watch some TV and perhaps meet up with Jim for a coffee later.

Tomorrow morning I will send you the emails to the FOYP's for the work party.

Time to upload the photos.



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