Monday, September 8, 2008

Well it was a good weekend - the weather was sunny and warm - took in Davie Street days on Saturday as well as a nice steam, shower and shave at my fitness club - met up with Jim for dinner at our usual Saturday eating establishment - the White Spot and then spent some time watching the street action from the corner of Davie and Granville - spent the earlier part of the day arranging the Amtrak portion of my upcoming trip to NYC and Miami - it took several phone calls back and forth with Marlene to get everything straighten out and the proper codes etc.

Sunday I was determined to get out on the bike - which I did under beautiful blue skies - first stop along the route was the Amtrak/Via rail station to pick up my tickets - took all of five minutes to get that taken care of - I then spend some time enjoying the new seawall by the still building Olympic Athletes village - had my camera and got many great shots - will post a link later.

Today Monday will see me continue to spend some time on recruiting volunteers for the next FOYP work party - emailing newcomers and those who haven't done one in a few years - it a thankless job at times but a way to get to meet or talk to new people who all share there love for Yellowpoint Lodge.

More later

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