Friday, September 5, 2008

Time for another update - after having returned from my hiking trip in the Rockies I spent the rest of August rehabbing my neck and shoulder which were hurting big time while at the Skyliners camp and lead to me staying in camp for two days.

I doesn't looked like there is anything major wrong - just strains and pains - 4 sessions of physio which included ultrasound and heat along with some exercises have done the trick.

The thing I missed the most during this time was not being able to do any bike riding but I now been cleared to resume riding so this week I have done False Creek and Stanley Park - I also found time to renew my driver's license and annual Grouse Mountain Pass - spend some time up the mountain yesterday walking the Eco-trail and visiting the Grizzlies.

I am continuing to plan my Caribbean cruise - getting my TA to book the train and travel insurance for me - also have made contact with one of my former work mates at the Y who is currently in New York studying acting and working part-time at a Y in Brooklyn.

I will spend part of this weekend lining up workers for the next Friends of Yellow Point Lodge work party and with a favourable weather forecast to some more hiking and biking.

I hope to post some images from the Grouse trip on the Picasa site in the next day or two so check back to see what the top of the mountain looks like.



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