Wednesday, May 14, 2014

San Francisco May 12 and 13. 2014

 Unlike the problems getting off the ship my time spent in San Francisco went smoothly.

Shortly after getting checked in my friends Adele and Cliff arrived -
I first met them on a repo cruise some 9 years ago and everytime we are in  each other cities we get together.

With a slow internet I will post the general highlites of the day.

1. After there arrival we took the F line Streetcar to the Ferry Building where we caught the ferry over to Lakspur - it is easier for them to park there and take the ferry than fight traffic and in this case made sense as my plans were located in the area.

2. But first there was the matter of lunch and they know I love the In and Out Burger so we stopped at the one in Tiburon.

3. Then it was onto our destination for the day - I have wanted to get to the top of Mt Tamalpais - so we made our way up the winding, twisty road to the parking area at the top with one stop at a viewpoint - there we took a short 1.5 mile loop walk that gave us lots of views - the weather is very warm and they have an off-shore flow so it was hazy.

4. After we finished that walk I wanted to walk up to the ranger station and lookout - they opted not to go. Only took me about 15 round trip but there was some climbing.

5. Then it was across the Golden Gate and back to the hotel for the second part of the day - a Giants baseball game - Adele had found a parking garage close to the ball park - so we parked there then visited the souvenir store where I brought a ball cap - at $30.00 it was one of the cheapest they had.

6. With still some time before the gates opened I walked the area by the stadium and saw the statutes for Willy Mays, Juan Marichal and Willie McCovey.

7. Then  it was into the stadium and a bite to eat - chicken fingers, fries and a beer was $20.00. A T & T stadium is a gem - great feeling - we walked around the stadium and could see where the Norwegian Jewel is in dry-dock.

8. The game was a great one - a good pitching duel - SF prevailed 4 - 2.

9. Dropped off at the hotel - spent some time sipping on a 24oz can of PBR and getting caught up on email.

10. Up early - took the street cars up to Civic Center and then onto the end of the line in the Castro district.

11. Returned to the hotel at noon just in time to check out - then slowly walked the five blocks to the ship  stopping for a hot dog and pop.

12. Dropped luggage off and started the boarding process - was on ship about 20 minutes later - this surprised me a bit because there was another ship in port but as it was overnighting it wasn't as congestion as I thought.

13. Proceeded to my cabin B420 - the same one I spent 49 days on the South America cruise.

14. Toured the ship - had lunch and settled in for the trip up to Vancouver.

That in  capsule form is my San Francisco experience.


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