Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Disembarkation mess San Francisco May 12, 2014

Despite the best efforts of Princess telling everyone what time they should show up to clear customs and immigration - It turned out to be a mess.

Who's to blame I don't know.

Here's my story.

My documents stated that I was to appear at the Vista lounge at 8:05 AM to be processed.

Well at 7:50 I headed up only to find a line that stretched the length of the ship and no staff in sight.

It doesn't appear to be a DHS issue that they had plenty of officers on duty.

Finally after about 25 minutes I approached the Explorer's lounge where lo and behold there was a Princess staffer directing traffic.

She had us form two lines - one for US and another for non-US citizens. As  I was the latter we actually moved a fair distance and after another 10 or 15 minutes I was processed.

There were at least 7 agents for the non-US and 2  or 3 for the US.

I was finished at 8:30 AM  - then it was onto to the Portofino restaurant where us Platinum members could await departure from the ship.

This went fine - 9:30 was my appointed time and our color was called and I departed - picked up my bag and walked to my hotel - the Best Western Tuscan Inn about a 5 block walk from the ship.

There I waited for Cliff and Adele to arrive and start my exploration of the City by the Bay.

For some reason San Francisco doesn't like me - this was not the first time that customs was a nighmare at the port.

More later on my day exploring Mt Tamalpais and attending a San Francisco Giants game.


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