Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wow - the Sun actually shined November 27, 2009

After rain on 22 of the last 26 days there was finally a good old west coast sunny and crisp day and you should know what means - a chance to get out and enjoy the scenery - since I had pre-scheduled to take my truck in for a long overdue oil and maintenance service check and also a 2PM meeting with my Y connections person it would either be on the bike or on foot and when the Big One asked me to drop off some product info for a possible new client in Yaletown I decided to a walk.

So after dropping off the truck at a nearby service center I walked down to the seawall - most of the times that I am through this area is on bike so walking it came me an opportunity to checkout more of the street art and definitely the scenic views that were in abundance today.

After I finished the walk it was on to Pacific Center for a bite to each and a little more Xmas shopping.

Except for gifts for myself I am pretty well finished for the others on my list.

It is also interesting to note how some of the large and in particular American owned chains are having there own Black Friday sales on this side of the border.

Then it was a little party at night.

Today the rain has returned and after finishing this post I will be putting up the lights and tree.

More of that in another post.



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