Thursday, November 26, 2009

A new look on Granville Street November 26, 2009

I have commented on a couple of occasions about how long it has taken the city to get Granville Street back up and fully functioning after it's closure for the construction of the Canada Line.

Well things are finally starting to happen - the street lights are being installed and so are these new blue solar parking stations - instead of individual meters there will be two or three of these each block - you enter your license plate # and pay by cash, credit card etc and continue on your merry way.

According to the City the project is suppose to be finished this weekend but there are still a number of street corners that need rebuilding and require concrete to be poured and with all the wet weather I suspect that will delay the completion.

I finally did get a pair of the red hot Olympic mitts - was in the Bay today and they had just got a shipment and were selling like hotcakes - people had 4 - 6 pairs and a number of us commented to the lady trying to stock the shelves that she should just stand a entrance and ask each person how many they want and not bother with trying to stock them. Will post a picture later.


Good to see the Canucks get a win and even better that Alec Burrows finally got a goal - he has been playing well but without Daniel Sedin on the wing hasn't been nearly as prolific as last year and while he got an empty netter Kyle Wellwood - who is a streaky goal scorer - finally got his first of the season. The game was pay per view and the bars and restaurants on the Granville entertainment strip were packed watching that game or the Giants - Broncos game.



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