Monday, November 23, 2009

Rice Lake Loop Hike November 22, 2009

Headed out on Sunday to the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in North Vancouver for a short hike around Rice Lake.

This is an area that was considered part of the watershed area for Greater Vancouver and was off limits to public use until the 80's when nature provided an opportunity to change the status of the area.

A series of rain and wind storms early in the 80's destroyed part of the intake pipes in the Rice Lake - Lynn Creek area which was use by North Vancouver for its water supply - after that damage North Vancouver decided to join the main GVRD water system and the lands status could then be change to recreational.

As a delegate to an outdoor recreation organization in the 80's I remember attending a couple of planning meetings on just how the area should be managed.

The area around Rice Lake was to become a high use recreation area while others part of adjacent Lynn Headwaters would be kept to more of a wilderness theme. A multi purpose trail circles the lake and a special area has been set aside for handicap use.

The Lower Seymour is called a reserve because technically it is not Park land but water district property and if another dam is ever needed for the region it would be located on the lower Seymour.

This is an education center and also use for group activities.

A short way up the trail is this display of an old logging flume which was popular in the old days.

Most of the Seymour Valley is 2ND growth timber although there are still some stands of old growth forest still left which are protected from logging.

After the hike it was off for lunch and some grocery shopping and then home.

Didn't miss much by not watching the football game as the Lions got creamed by Montreal and it was a frustrating hockey game - Canucks losing 1-0 in a game where they had many a chance to score but a hot goalie stymied them.

Today I am heading out with the camera to take a look a the re-opening of a favorite Vancouver winter attraction.

More on that later.



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