Sunday, November 29, 2009

Putting up the Christmas tree and decorations November 29, 2009

With Christmas approaching it was time to put up the lights, tree and decorations.

I brought a new taller tree this year so the challenge would be to put it together and then decorate it but there were are couple of challenges created.

My first attempt was actually last night when I took the tree out of the box and put it together - in previous years with a much smaller tree I basically just threw the lights and let them hang but that wouldn't work for this tree.

So off it was today to see if there might be a clip or something to mount LED lights on the tree - my first stop was Canadian Tire which has a good Xmas display and sure enough I found just what I was looking for and then some - I also spotted a mount for the bulbs that I have that are a lot better than the wire ones that I am currently using.

So its home to finish the job - I had at first put the tree which is 4.5" in height on top of a small table but it just didn't look right so it now sits free standing on the floor.

The new clips did the job - should have brought a third package so I could clip all of the lights - now that I know where to get them and there are lots of Canadian Tires stores I will do that during the week.

I also have a small one foot tree which is sitting on the window sill and looks good from the outside.

Checking to see if all the necessary items are in the storage box - yes they were.

The new tree in the box.

I saw this a few years ago at Ikea and like it - this year it is also going to sit on the window sill.

The tree and putting it together.

The finished project - didn't notice it when I was the picture but that's an airborne snow boarder on my TV .

After the tree was up it was time to catch the remainder of the Grey Cup game and as usual last minute theatrics came into play - Montreal - heavily favored - best record during the regular season by a wide margin - had been trailing by as much as two touchdowns for most of the game but had clawed back to within 2 points and tried and missed a field goal on the last play of the game - but wait - what is that yellow flag doing on the field and who's penalty is it - unbelievable as it could be it is against Saskatchewan - some how they had one too many men on the field and the replays clearly show it - Montreal gets a second chance and this time they make the field goal and win the game by one point.

Only in the CFL do you get this type of finish.

After supper - there a hockey game on but I didn't watch another Canuck loss to a rested first place team.

There is some hope on the weather front for the coming week - it looks like we are headed for a drier and cooler forecast.



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