Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A sunny start to the month Dec 1, 2009

Well after rain on 27 of the 30 days in November, December is starting off dry and cool - the long range forecast is for a continuation of this for the next week or so.

As long as we don't get a repeat of last winter bitter cold and snow I won't mind the current weather.

Headed out on the bike - over the Burrard Bridge and into Vanier Park where the first two images were taken - this "art" is part of the street art program in the City and this particular one is raising some concerns - not over the "work" but rather the location - Vanier Park is the premier kite-flying area for many of the downtown - west side folks and where this "work" is situated is right where the kites are usually flown and landed.

Concerns by local residents seem to be falling on deaf ears.

From there I proceed along the south side of the Creek - all the way to Science World - I was under the impression that the stretch from the Cambie Bridge to Science World which houses the Olympic village was to be closed - while the fencing is in place - the gates were opened and many people were using it.

At the east end of the Creek by Science World on lands owned mostly by Concord Pacific a number of temporary structures are being assembled - these will be used by vendor etc during the Games - if there is one plus about this area - it has been clean upped - gone are stacks of used crane and construction debris left over from other Concord Pacific projects.

Next it is into the International Village development - this is an area between Chinatown and False Creek that has been getting re-developed over the past few years.

One part of the project is Andy Livingstone Park - he was a long serving Parks Commissioner - I have to admit that I usually just ride or drive through the Park but once again taking my time I found a few hidden gems in this Park.

From the pedestrian overpass I saw this view and then it hit me - a microcosm of Vancouver's development - from the dome tower of the old Vancouver Sun building, the lookout at the top of the old Eatons/Sears/now SFU downtown campus building, the big hi-rise of the International Village and the brown tower that is the new Woodward's building which it is hoped will be the engine that drives the revitalization of that area.

It was a pleasant 12 km ride.

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