Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not a lot to report on this the third day of the new year except that it is once again snowing here in Vancouver - looks like it will last into the night before changing to rain and then warm up and stay very wet for the next few days - that should finally get rid of the snow and ice on the sidewalks and roads.

Went for a nice walk yesterday down along the eastern portion of False Creek into Yaletown before grabbing a bite to eat and having a steam etc at my fitness club.

One of the projects that I have to tackle in the next week is removing all my stuff from my storage locker to make way for the changes coming there. I was able to find a nice spot for my cedar chest but my big bookcase is being a bit more problematic - I have a place for it but then I will have to find a place for the smaller ones that are currently in that space - oh well at least with the crappy weather it gives me lots of time to contemplate where to rearrange everything.

A second project is to finalize my travel insurance and train reservations for the upcoming cruise.

A third project is to clean out the clothes closet - it seems to be get a little to full and many of the clothes haven't been worm in some time so it is time to give them to charity or homeless shelter.

More later


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