Sunday, December 28, 2008

Update - removed some of the original comments in this blog.
Today I will be doing some emailing in my role as Work Party coordinator for the Friends of Yellowpoint - they need a small group of about six to take down the decorations just after New Year's so I need to arrange the time for that.

With improving road conditions and weather conditions I just might venture out for a drive but then again there's lots of football and hockey action on as well.

That's enough for now.




Helen said...

I have been thinking to pick one up to about 40" LCD HDTV maybe...or a smaller one will do.
Hey , I love your snowy pics of the city. I want to be able to visit BC with focus on the Vancouver Island.I just saw the airport during my stopover/transit in one of my travels.Your Christmas tree is cute too. Have a great NEW YEAR!

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