Thursday, January 1, 2009

I hadn't intended to do much on New Year's Eve but the weather cleared off so I thought I would check out the condition of the False Creek seawall and took off with my camera and went for a lengthy stroll - as for the condition on the seawall - in places it was clear and in others it was icy - you had to watch your footing - it is unsafe for cyclists and I didn't see any fool hardy ones attempting to cycle it.

I came across this strange sight - it looks like someone was setting up early for a New Years party - the dish in the lower left appears to be a shrimp ring and it looked real - there was no one around the area when I took the picture.

When I made it to this point the seawall was bare as the Parks Board folks are busy clearing away the snow and ice for the Polar Bear Swim on Jan 1, 2008 - the views were great and with the sun out the temperature was pleasant.

I then proceeded along Denman to the entrance to Stanley Park and was appalled at the appearance and condition of the sidewalk and seawall - both were a sheet of ice and haven't been cleared - perhaps a few lawsuits would get the Parks Board to smarten up and clear off this important gateway to the City. It is not like it had snowed the day before - the crews have had several days of snow free weather to get there act together - guess it is more important to clear the snow off the beach at English Bay for the sponsers of the Polar Bear swim than ensure the safety of the taxpaying citizens.

Enough from the soapbox.

After a relaxing steam, shave and shower I met up with the big one for lunch and then went home to watch the Canada - US game - what a great game.

Then it was out for a late supper at a Korean restaurant on Thurlow and then home to watch the ageless wonder Dick Clark and others ring in the New Year.

Was originally planning on hitting the streets of the Entertainment district to catch the action but it started raining/snowing again and I didn't feel like heading out to get wet.

Finally hit the sack after 1AM.

It's now 2009 and I awoke to some more light snow although it appears to now be raining.

There's lots of hockey and football to watch.

Had hoped to hop on the bike and do my traditional ride around the Seawall but the conditions are too unsafe for bike to be on the seawall - I think a section is still closed from the Bridge to Third Beach because of falling ice. If it stops raining this afternoonIi might venture down to English Bay and watch the fool hardy jump into the water.

More later



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