Monday, December 29, 2008

Well it's Monday - the start of the last week of the Year 2008 - while many of us like to reflect back on the year with the shenanigans on Wall Street and most of us retirees taking a severe hit in our portfolios it is probably better to focus on the year ahead and hope a new administration in Washington is as committed to turning things around as they said they would be in the campaign.

What are my plans - well other than the cruise in Feb 09 I haven't planned any major trips for the coming year. With the price of gas dropping to 2004 levels I will perhaps do more short trips within the country.

I may do a Skyline trip in the summer depending on what location they select - if it is White Man Pass I will probably do it as I missed it the last time it was offered do to the wild fires in the summer of 2003.

If not a Skyline trip I am also looking a doing a trip with the Vancouver Natural history society - they have a trip into the South Chilcotin Park Cinnabar Pass and Basin- this is an area I visited back in the early 80's before it became a provincial Park and have wanted to revisit ever since - it runs on a similar format to the Skyliner camps and costs about the same but the associated costs would be a lot less as I can drive to the trailhead in about 6 - 8 hours and no overnight stay in expensive Banff is required.

I will continue to do my volunteer projects - Yellowpoint Lodge, Vancouver Marathon, Dragon Boat races, YMCA Connections and expect to work as an returning officer in the May Provincial election.

The heat is off in the apartment today- just those on the top two floors - as they fix a broken pipe - we are on hot water heat and a pipe burst just down the hall over the holidays - it is not too cold but will be heading out shortly anyways - may have lunch with the big one if he is feeling better but do hope to pay a visit to the gym for a post Xmas workout.

More later