Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good weekend to you all.

I actually haven't been ignoring this blog this week it is just that there hasn't been any earth shattering going on that I needed to post but the following are some thoughts that come to mind.

Raining here today but a spell of nice more spring like weather should arrive about mid-week which means that I will finally be able to get out on the bike and get some good rides in - gotta burn off the Xmas calories before I start on the cruising calories.

I am less than a month away from sailing out of New Orleans down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. Haven't started packing but it is on my to do list for next week.

The cleaning out my locker space is progressing - some stuff is getting tossed - some of the camping stuff I have moved to the truck and the remainder I will find room for on either the balcony or in my condo closets.

Finally made contact with my TA - between the bad weather which made travel risky - her office is out in the snow belt and her dealing with some personal family matters - I hadn't had a response to my emails.

I now have my travel insurance taken care off - Amtrak reserved - she still needs to talk to an agent to see if the NCL code applies - it doesn't work when she puts in into her agent system - the hotel for one night in Los Angeles - train layover - is booked.

Next up - revising the packing list - my last trip was a lot longer.

I also need to change my hotel booking in NOLA as I will be arriving a day later but this is creating another problem - when I take out the first day of my reservation it changes the second day to a much higher figure for the one night that it would actually be cheaper to pay for the first night and not show up and then stay for the following two nights.

In looking online I think I have found a smaller heritage hotel right in the French Quarter that looks like it is my price range so I might just cancel the original booking - there is no penalty and book the one in the FQ.

Earlier in the week I had my teeth cleaned and checked - there are a few small cavities that I am going get attended to after I return from the trip.

Also took the truck in for it 72000 KM minor tune up and oil change. No major deficiencies noted - brakes and tires still good for some time yet.

Later today a trip to the gym and then later supper with the usual Saturday night person.